By: The Pro Wrestling Guy

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When a story grabs your attention and makes you watch because you know something special is about to happen, it’s something you’ll never forget. When you mix emotion in with this story and you bring your audience along for that ride, you have professional wrestling at its best.

Stories long lost and memories filled with those that captured audiences near and far are all but forgotten. Big moves, fast paced action, and rotating feuds have caused, a once treasured art form, to change, leaving stories and emotion behind. The stories of the generation before still echo through the halls of greatness, not forgotten completely, but overshadowed by fast moving action. Until AEW Double or Nothing reset the wrestling world.

On this night, the night of the new, the old stole the show. With a show filled with spectacular athletes, incredible moves, and moments that will be watched over and over again, two brothers fought for the history, for the family, for the legacy of the namesake, and for a future that is now theirs.

Cody and Dustin Rhodes brought the world of professional wrestling back, with one match, to an era that will see new life in a once unknown future. These two brothers told a story that brought us all to the pinnacle of curiosity and took us home with the tears of joy. The rollercoaster like ride they took us, the fans, on in their promo build ups and with that one match is the way professional wrestling was supposed to be done. They did it so well the world is still buzzing with this very strange energy, one we haven’t felt since the late 90’s. These two brothers set an entire industry on a new path.

During their match at AEW Double or Nothing we didn’t just see Cody vs. Dustin, but we saw the New Era vs. The Old School. These two athletes put on a performance of a lifetime and with that single match they put an entire company on the map. Dustin and Cody brought every wrestling fan back to what we love most, a story that brings out all this emotion from within, and makes us get lost in the moment. They got us hooked on this new company and showed us that pro wrestling is back.

Dustin took a, better that Goldberg, spear from Brandi Rhodes early on in the match which was a spot that made you really think just maybe they don’t get along. She sure didn’t hold anything back with it, that is for sure. Shortly after the spear we see Dustin pouring what seemed like buckets of blood from his forehead. Leading to Cody taking a hand drenched in his

brother’s blood and smeared it across his chest like war paint. At that single moment you knew professional wrestling was back. The match continued and the two brothers destined for greatness from birth, continued the battle with the younger brother eventually getting the best of his battered and bloody older brother. The New Era taught the Old School that the road that he had once help pave, is now in good hands. With the end of a match we hear this raw emotion come across the speakers with Cody telling his older brother that he needs him for one more fight, a fight against the Young Bucks. At that very moment AEW put itself on the map. Their emotional battle has come to an end, but now it brings a new journey. It brings a journey of two brothers that were destined for greatness, to a new chapter and a new story. One that will without a doubt bring wrestling fans back to what is great, story and emotion. Why? Because they have become great.

Cody and Dustin Rhodes made this once passionate fan of pro wrestling, that had lost his way in the sea of normal, believe again. I believe in Cody and Dustin. I believe they will save the greatest sport in the world, and I believe they will show the world what AEW is all about. They will show the world how great Professional Wrestling truly is.