WWE has always been known to position one wrestler as the top guy in the company, but John Cena says he believes that will change going forward. 

Cena spoke to the crowd at BookCon ’19 over the weekend to promote “Elbow Grease.” During the Q&A session, he was asked who he sees as someone that could become “The next John Cena.”

“For the longest time, if you considered WWE a band, there’s been one front person of the band,” he replied. “I think that dynamic is changing. It is because the audience is too diverse. I think older males are watching it, younger kids are watching it, females are watching it. The audience is so diverse, so with a diverse audience it’s tough to universally please someone.” 

John then explained how the demo in the 80s was families and Hulk Hogan was great for that. Same for “Stone Cold” Steve Austin and The Rock fitting for the 18-35 year old male demo the company wanted in the 90s. 

Now, however, the company has expanded globally and Cena believes there will be many people considered to be the faces of WWE — like a team of superheroes. 

“I don’t think there’s a universal figure that will lead the company forward,” he added. “I think as the company grows, and especially expands globally, you’re gonna have like a ‘Super Friends’ of the WWE. Which is like people who are essentially fighting for equal share of popularity. I think the band, essentially, will have ten lead singers of every different race, creed, color, sex, ethnicity.”

Because of this, Cena says he believes he was essentially the last person who will be considered as the face of WWE.