The WWE in Saudi Arabia is already controversial propaganda. At the end of the day I’m a fan of pro wrestling and maybe we shouldn’t look too much into it because at the end of the day, WWE are receiving big money and like any business, you don’t turn away money.

Moving on from that, the match between The Undertaker and Bill Goldberg was promoted as a ”dream match”. Perhaps it is but it is 20 years too late. Everyone knows this but to see the two compete in the ring is pretty cool.

The match wasn’t great and it was pretty much what you expected. I’m not here to bash them but what happened tonight was very dangerous and maybe it’s at a point where the promotions of pro wrestling should be careful who their booking in the matches.

Legend vs legend matches are cool to see but when they are inactive wrestlers, slower in the ring, bodies are worn out….for god sake, it’s not fun to watch.

On two occasions in this match, there were two botches that could have seriously injured Taker and Goldberg. Both wrestlers could have broken their necks. You could see the disgust in Taker’s face at the end and Goldberg apologized to the fans on twitter.

So I ask, at to what extent are we going to see ageing wrestlers compete? Promotions should not have two inactive competitors facing each other. I think having an ageing wrestler in the ring needs someone younger with them to properly work the match.