The “Charity: Water” non-profit organization will likely receive a significant donation from WWE Superstar Ali today.

Ali, who participated in the 50-Man Battle Royal at WWE Super ShowDown in Saudi Arabia on Friday, noted on Twitter that he was going to donate his earnings to CW.

“Earnings received today will be donated to @charitywater. Thank you,” Ali wrote.

It’s believed that WWE’s events in Saudi Arabia are a major payday for the Superstars, even those on the lower and midcard. Chris Jericho revealed in an interview several months back that he was shocked at his pay for the 2018 Greatest Royal Rumble event, calling it the highest pay he’d ever received for a single event. It’s been reported that some of the bigger names receive seven-figure paydays to work the WWE events in the Kingdom, while others can receive six-figures.

Ali did not say why he is donating the earnings from Super ShowDown, but it could be in response to the backlash against the wrestlers who choose to work these evens in the Kingdom, due to some of the controversial policies and actions by the Saudis. Ali is a Muslim of Pakistani descent and the majority of Muslims in that country are Sunni, as is the case in Saudi Arabia. Relations between the two countries have been solid for years, with Pakistan called the closest Muslim ally of the Kingdom. Ali once portrayed an “evil prince from Saudi Arabia” while working the indies before he was signed by WWE. Then-billed as Prince Mustafa Ali, he has since spoken negatively about the gimmick because of the stereotypes it pushed.