As we all know the attitude era was one of the most gruesome but exciting times through the history of wrestling. In this era you would see blood week in and week out on television and you would see these hardcore matches every week live!

The Attitude era lasted from 1997-2002 and it built a lot of excitement and more unpredictability on what you would see throughout the shows. As the WWF was low on ratings while WCW was higher on the ratings the WWE was running on their last breath.

DX a tag team featuring Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Billy Gun, and Road Dogg at the time was really picking up steam because of them breaking every rule they were given. DX in this time actually received a letter from the USA Network stating that they couldn’t use certain words while on tv. What does DX do with the letter? DX gets the letter and they read the letter from USA Network word for word on live television and it seems that the USA Network got a good laugh out of that which led to DX having more freedom to help the ratings.

Eventually DX decided to go invade WCW but WCW wouldn’t let them in. As the DX team is would bang on the doors and get surrounded by fans they couldn’t find a way in. As all of this was happening this excited the fans and WWF ratings got high enough that it surpassed the WCW ratings.

Their has been questions for years now from fans “Will the attitude era return”? Well due to recent reports it’s rumored WWE Hall Of Famer Mick Foley has stated that he thinks the attitude is about to make its comeback to television. Monday night Raw is a 3 hour show, it’s rumored that the last hour of Raw is about to be more of a TV-14 rating as the attitude era is rumored to return!