Jon Moxley said that there is a “Paradigm Shift” happening in Pro Wrestling after AEW took center stage with its first PPV, Double or Nothing. The numbers didn’t lie, and proved Moxley was correct. With around 100,000+ PPV buys (at $50 a pop) and having big Google search numbers the company truly made a huge splash in just one night. Now they are on track to do it all again.

Tickets for AEW’s next PPV ALL OUT went on sell earlier today, and hopefully you were lucky enough to grab one, because they sold out in 15 minutes. That is right boys and girls, in just 15 minutes AEW sold out the Sears Centre Arena for its August 31st show. Just so we are all aware, at the time of ticket release there were only two matches announced, Jon Moxley vs. Kenny Omega and Hangman Page vs. Chris Jericho for the AEW Championship. With just those two matches and a lightening bolt of electricity that has been the buzz of AEW, since Double or Nothing, they have made history again. One PPV, or show in general, and they have already sold out a second. Not too bad for a t-shirt company.

AEW has another event coming up on June 29th from Daytona Beach Florida. The event is FYTER FEST and it will be streamed (FOR FREE!) live from Ocean Center on the B/R Live app. That is right kids, for FREE! That is unheard of from a new company, or a wrestling company in general. WCW would broadcast one PPV a year live on TBS way back in the 90’s, but other than that most companies charge (in some capacity) to see their PPV events. The card for the event (found here looks really really good and is set to be one of the more entertaining wrestling events of the year. I for one will be watching. I mean it is free and all.

AEW also has another event on July 13th, live from the Daily’s Place Amphitheater in Jacksonville, Florida. At this time there only appears to be two matches for that card ( and could be streaming live from the B/R Live app. as well. September currently does not have any events scheduled, however in October the AEW weekly televised show will air for the first time ever on TNT.

AEW is a new and upcoming company with many talents that might not have the mainstream buzz like some other wrestlers, however they have a very unique talent roster that brings various styles of wrestling to their shows. If Double or Nothing is a true preview for what is to come, then we will be getting a little something for everyone and a lot of very good wrestling for all of us, the fans, to enjoy. I for one am extremely excited to see what they can do, because judging by their first show and a 15 minute sell out for their second PPV, I would say AEW is here to stay and they are going to be changing the wrestling world along the way.

One final thing, Thank You Chris Jericho.