HOLY CRAP! What a day for wrestling fans! We are just a couple of days away from three spectacular wrestling shows from AEW, NJPW, and Evolve (via WWE Network), and then the WWE drops this BOMB SHELL on us all. Erich Bischoff is BACK! But wait there is more; Along with the shocking return of the King of Controversy we have Paul Heyman changing/adding roles within the WWE.

Now that we got that out of the way and some excitement has been let out (slightly), lets talk about this big news coming from the WWE. In an announcement from Sports Illustrated earlier today we learned that the WWE has hired Paul Heyman to be the Executive Director of RAW and Eric Bischoff to be the Executive Director of Smackdown. Let that sink in for a moment. These two men were just gave RAW and Smackdown to run, with only having to answer to one person, Vince McMahon. Two of the greatest pro wrestling promotors/bookers of all time are now working with the greatest of all time, to create a wrestling product we can all hope is for the fans.

WWE later confirmed the story, that Sports Illustrated broke, via their Twitter feed. Until that official word from WWE many fans, myself included, were speculating if the news was even real. Now we have it, official from the source itself, it is indeed the start of a new WWE. The follow up reports said that both Heyman and Bischoff will be easing into their roles and the changes are going to happen over time. I honestly see that time line moving much quicker than expected, especially if AEW ALL OUT is as big a success as Double or Nothing.

This announcement comes just two days prior to AEW’s next event FYTER FEST, so one could speculate that the WWE is wanting to start creating their own hype and bring the big time AEW buzz down a notch or two. I would think it is safe to say that the WWE is actually concerned about what AEW can do, and at the same time have officially started their counter campaign. If this is true we have just saw the start of a potential wrestling war. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want any wrestling company to fail because I truly believe that the more options there are, the better. However when you create this level of competition it only means one thing, the fans are about to get some of the greatest wrestling ever.

As the pro wrestling world continue to shift and evolve it becomes more and more exciting. We have the brand new AEW exploding onto the scene with so much buzz, NJPW continues to creep into the United States market, Impact Wrestling is continuing to create news for itself, NXT is absolutely hitting on all levels, and now the WWE has made huge moves to better their main roster products. What a time to be a wrestling fan! I dare say there hasn’t been this much excitement and intrigue in the pro wrestling world since the Monday Night Wars (thanks Eric!). Given how the Monday Night Wars went, one would assume that we are about to get some incredible wrestling and outstanding stories from several promotions. I just hope that all the companies make it through successfully and in one piece.

The WWE making these changes should bring a fresh new feel that the WWE Universe, which it is so desperately wanting. Heyman and Bischoff are extremely smart and capable when it comes to making great wrestling programs. This is going to be amazing! Who else is ready for the Summer of Pro Wrestling?

Cue the music boys. I’M BACK!