After the announcement of this crazy fight, MMA smarks like myself were interested to see how it would be built in order to generate interest among the casuals and crossovers alike. The questions may have been answered this week on Aerial Helwani’s MMA show as Tito Ortiz took a controversial political route to create beef, questioning Del Rio’s opinions on immigration.

I’m not into politics. I’m not a politics person, I’m not a Republican, I’m not a Democrat, I’m an American. I want the safety for my children’s future to be number one, and our president’s putting that for our country. I want that to happen.

Now on the opposite side, Alberto del Rio, he wants open borders. Anybody to be able to come into our country whenever they want and I don’t believe in that. So I think that’s kind of where we butt heads.

you start talking about people’s countries and you start talking about the future and safety of our country here in America and I’m willing to die for it.

A warning to both men. If you plan on taking this route you better come prepared and well read or both run the risk of looking foolish in a highly complicated, multi layered topic such as immigration. Saying that, the bottom line in promotion is creating an emotional response in the viewers and very few topics are as emotionally charged as immigration these days. As the majority of Combate Americas’ audience is Mexican, this would appear to be the perfect heel/face dynamic with Ortiz playing a trump like roll in the eyes of it’s viewers.

Ortiz has signed a two fight deal with Combate Americas and eluded to what might be next for him in the promotion if he defeats Del Rio.

I know Ryan Bader is the champion at heavyweight and light heavyweight. Let’s do a cross promotion, lets do a rematch. Let’s give that chance back to Ryan Bader, I’m willing to give him a chance.

Ortiz defeated Bellator’s Ryan Bader way back at UFC 132 in 2011 Via 1st round submission. This may interest Ryan Bader as he would look to get his loss back. As for Scott Coker and Bellator, it’s difficult to see how this fight would benefit their promotion, despite a big name such as Ortiz on offer.