If I Were In Charge – Episode 2 (More Ranked Talk, New Rules For A New System, Women’s Division & More)

By: James Bones

Welcome back to If I Were In Charge, the episodic column where I pretend I actually have a say in how WWE does their dirty work. Last column I brought up how I’d create a ranking system and how I’d keep the Universal Title, U.S. Title and newly created TV Title divisions separate from each other. I also discussed how the U.S. Champion could vacate the title if held for 4 months for a shot at the Universal Title, as well as how the TV Champion could vacate the title if held for 4 months for a shot at the U.S. Title. Don’t forget that I’ve retired the 24/7 Title and brought in the TV Title. What needs explanation is what would happen with the ranking system. Let’s say the U.S. Champion has decided to cash in his title for a shot at the Universal Championship. The first thing that would happen is the U.S. Title would now be vacant. We have a #1 contender for the U.S. Title who’s eager to become champion, and also those ranked below him who are hungry to become the secondary champion. As I mentioned before, the #1 contender can also be the #1 ranked talent in the U.S. division. In this case, it really doesn’t matter because at the next PPV/Special, the top 2 talents would be the ones to battle it out to crown the new U.S. champion.

The former U.S. Champion is now ready to take on the Universal champion and hopefully get an illustrious spot in the main event. In this scenario, sadly the U.S. Champion fails at his attempt and his cash in is considered unsuccessful. Where does this talent go? What division do they belong in? I thought about this situation and figured out a way to make a great storyline out of this debacle. Remember how the Universal Title division has 6 spots? Now our former U.S. champion who failed at defeating the Universal champion can challenge the 6th place talent for his spot in the Universal Title division. This would create a great storyline and a huge sense of urgency for both talents. One talent is wanting to move up a division after proving themselves as a successful secondary champion, the other talent is already established in the Universal Title division and doesn’t want to move down a division. Sadly for for the loser, they will be moving down a division and will continue to have to prove themselves. The good thing? They don’t start at the bottom of the division, they get to start at the top. If the former U.S. champ doesn’t win against the 6th place main eventer to get his spot in the Universal Title division, he goes back into the U.S. Title division in the #1 ranked spot. If the 6th place main eventer loses his spot in the Universal Title division, he goes into the #1 ranked spot in the U.S. Title division. Once there, they can battle it out with the other contenders in the division to get that coveted #1 contenders spot.

The new Television Title that I would bring into play would make the third hour of RAW a little more important. Knowing that every week a title with actual importance is going to be on the line makes for some must see TV. The TV Title division would be filled with up and coming superstars as well as established superstars who have fallen on hard times and need to revitalize their career, or at least try to. This mixture of talent, new and established would help break in the new talent and get them used to a WWE lifestyle. We’ve all seen the damage that can be done to a talent when they move from NXT to RAW or SDLive. It’s not pretty, especially when Vince decides to push someone to early. They get that initial attention in the beginning, but like a child with toys Vince gets bored if he doesn’t see “it” right away and he moves onto the next. That talent ends up being stuck in a weird limbo state that nobody enjoys seeing. The Television Title would them to slowly get into a program and show what they got without the pressure to be a mid card or main event talent instantly.

The women’s division would have to be taken more seriously as well. Each brand would have their respective champions. That’s a given and nothing there would change. What irks me is the tag team title situation and how they actually have to share them between the two main shows. Each brand has enough talent that they can have a set of tag team titles on each show. With the amount of women they have, not every one can be going for the Women’s Title. Instead of floating around in limbo like they’ve been doing, set up more tag teams between the women. Even with the one set of Women’s Tag Team Titles we have now, there’s still so many women who are thrown off to the side not competing. It absolutely pains me to see so much talent sitting off to the side just waiting for an opportunity. If the writers had a clue what they were doing, they’d be writing compelling storylines about friendships and feuds and making things logical as to why two of the women would team up for the titles. Just like the old days when two of your favorite top singles stars would have a common enemy, or enemies and tag up and become a great team. When I see a team like Asuka and Kairi Sane being floated around when they are two of the top talents in the world, I get so frustrated. With the fox deal coming up in a few months, I really wonder if they’ll continue to allow the sharing of the women’s tag titles, or if they’ll want their own. Hopefully someone sees the benefit in creating a bigger/better women’s division with their own titles and proper writing.

Let’s take a look at the combined changes so far from episode 1 and our current episode 2 –

⁃ Ranking system

⁃ Ranked matches for a ranking system

⁃ Exhibition matches

⁃ 24/7 Title – bye bye

⁃ Television (TV) Title – hello!

⁃ Time limits for the TV Title matches

⁃ Proper brand split

⁃ U.S. Champ for 4 months? Cash it in and get the #1 contenders spot for the Universal Title, but U.S. Title is now vacant

⁃ TV Champ for 4 months? Cash it in and get the #1 contenders spot for the U.S. Title, but TV Title is now vacant

And now…

⁃ Division rankings & amount of spots given

⁃ Qualifying for divisions

⁃ Losing/winning titles affects your positioning & division

⁃ Cashing in a title to move up a division and win the more illustrious title

⁃ Give RAW and SDLive their own Women’s Tag Team Titles and no more cross brand feuds

⁃ More time spent for the women’s divisions when it comes to storylines and tag team division writing

I appreciate you checking out episode 2 of “If I Were In Charge”. My apologies for the follow up taking some time. Next episode I want to speak about the PPV/specials system and how I’d like to see it be, especially with the move to FOX network for SDLive. With the FOX executives making it very clear their want SDLive to be a separate brand, what would I think would work best for this situation? I’ll dive into that next.


James Bones 2019