The buzz surrounding AEW and Pro Wrestling is at a height it hasn’t reached in years. CM Punk is back and is the biggest talking point among the fans of Pro Wrestling.

On AEW Dynamite tonight, CM Punk talked about if he still ”had it”. Punk is now in a company where he no longer needs to be the voice of the voiceless as ”every person backstage has a voice” at AEW. Online, we all feel like experts but the truth is, there is so much we clearly don’t know about. However, one thing we can see is that, well it certainly feels like – AEW’s talent have a lot more creative freedom when it comes to storytelling. I’m sure ideas must get approved by the higher ups but as Punk stated, they LISTEN.

If Punk can still give five star performances – which I’m sure he is more than capable of – with more creative freedom and having more power in how the matches are played out – knowing how to work the crowd – CM Punk will be the BIGGEST star in Pro Wrestling since John Cena. That is a big statement to make but can anyone disagree?

AEW are doing everything right. CM Punk all but confirmed Daniel Bryan …..ahem, Bryan Danielson will be at AEW but we have to wait a little longer. CM Punk in two AEW episodes has generated the biggest pop in wrestling for years, going to make Darby Allin a much bigger star and has hyped fans up for another huge commodity to return.

Finally I am excited to be a pro wrestling fan again!