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Why should you comment on WR?

WR is all about getting our views on professional wrestling across to the whole world. You can call us a global website as we got writers from America, England, Canada, Scotland, Ireland, Northern Ireland. We provide daily columns on WWE, TNA and of course Indy wrestling. We appeal to wrestling fans of all ages. We don’t bash the younger fans, in fact, we welcome every type of wrestling fan out there. We are very interactive on twitter and we have loyal readers whom we urge to comment here on WR. WR has the option to interact with via PC, Laptop, iPad, tablet, iPhone and pretty much any other electronic devises. We want you apart of our growing community!

How to comment.

Simply click to a column you want to comment on, scroll down to the end of the page. You’ll see the comment box. All you got to do is put in a name (Whatever name you chose) and you can post. The email address is just optional, not necessary.

Twitter and Facebook Account
Again, scroll down to the end and above the text space you’ll see Twitter and FB icons, click one, sign in and authorize app. You’re in. As simple as that.

WordPress.com Username
If you want a WP username simply go to https://en.wordpress.com/signup/ and fill all options except blog name, you don’t need to fill blog name in. Then just confirm you’ve made an account via your email address. Then come to WR and you’ll see an icon like Twitter and FB and just log in that way.

We encourage you to interact with us, the more ramblers the more fun discussions are. Don’t be shy and hope to see you rambling 🙂

27 thoughts on “Get Involved

    1. Because I still work for the company. If the state of Kentucky goes through e-mails and finds something they don’t like, they could decide to get rid of out contract. If we lost the contract, it could mean 40 to 50 jobs lost.


        1. Not really. I’m way down, but if the state thinks it’ll look bad by having a business relationship with somebody who might have e-mails to certain groups, we’d lose our contract and a porpose for those jobs.


            1. That’s what some of the guys at Jcity’s blog act like. Agent Smooth I hear quite a bit. I’m not. I work in the mail room.


      1. Sorry for the month and a half reply, lol. Yeah I overreacted I guess.

        I read and comment a good bit on my phone and it’s harder to keep track of comments from there you see so is why I saw this late!


  1. My fellow Americans,

    If Captain Smooth even goes so far as think about creating an email address, I will wipe the state of Kentucky off the map. This is my promise, America. Let’s tell Congress that we will not rest until we can spy on everyone in Kentucky 24/7 and shut their companies down. This is change we can believe in!

    – Barack Obama


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