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There are many ways to contact us. The easiest way to contact us is via our email address —  wrestlingrambles@gmail.com

If you prefer to ask us any questions on twitter, you can do so by tweeting @WrestlinRambles.

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10 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Mark Henry, you are a bullie ,instead house pain you should call it house of shame .why are picking on some about your size .How about Kevin Nash, Rock or triple H .that people u should fight&not any one thats smaller then you!!!. And I cant believe wresling allow that,maybe they need their head examing or dont care.


  2. i have asked at some other wrestling sites collectors but i havent got much responce maybe you could help……if not i might try contacting someone at WWF (wwe) for some help
    i got this shirt the day before Wrestlemania 6 but i havent been able to find anyone eles with it or any info on the net so i thought i would ask here…

    i got it at a 5k run they had here in Toronto and they gave everone one of these…i think the winner got 2 ring side seats

    any way heres the pics of the shirt (tank top)



    i remember them talking about this run on the VHS…as others have said as well
    been told it could be extremely rare

    any idea or should i put it back in the in the back of my closet and forget about it for another 20 years


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