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Jordan here, or J712, or just J. I’ve been watching wrestling since 1992, when my dad introduced me to it as a baby. So, I just naturally grew up watching. Then it was mostly WWF, with some WCW every now and then. Today, it’s WWE, ROH, CMLL, DGUSA…pretty much any company, on varying degrees of loyalty; even TNA when I can work myself up to watch these days. I enjoy a variety of different styles, from mat wrestling, to lucha libre, to Japanese strong style.

I’m very much interested in the history of the business. I delve into research from everything from before the Pioneer Era, beginning in 1898, up to modern times. My favorite past time is watching and studying older footage. Yes, I consider that a past time.

Basically, I just have a strong appreciation, love, and respect for professional wrestling. Which, has led me to put my college education on hold in order to pursue a career in the business. It’s something I knew I wanted to do since I was 13, much to the chagrin of my family. Ha!

I should be starting training in late 2012, apocalypse pending. That doesn’t mean I’ll be taking time off from Wrestling Rambles, though, as I love giving my opinion, and enjoy writing.

Hmm…other things about me… My favorite color is red…I like pasta… I don’t believe in a “Greatest of All-Time,”…I enjoy mostly all types of music…SEC football is the best…sarcasm is fun…and, that’s all I have for now.

I usually post an article every Tuesday, with the occassional straggler posted on other days. I also post classic matches, “J Classic’s,” every Saturday in the videos section.

You can contact me directly via Twitter, @J712v2, or through Wrestling Rambles.

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  1. Great article Brandon.But filnaly saw something I disagree with you about. And it’s the littlest thing.Bright Lights, Bigger City is really good song. Appropriate enough for the city of Los Angeles. I like rock ppv themes but this song has it’s own kind of epicness.Enough of that, I’m not going to argue musical tastes. We all differ on what we like. Here’s to feeding your writing ego, You did a great job.


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