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Hello There! My name is Aminul Islam (yes I’m Muslim and from Bangladesh), anyways you can call me Hasnan which almost everyone on the internet calls me plus my parents call me Hasnan as well…MOVING ON..My age is under 20 that’s all I can say. Been a WWE fan since late 2002. I love it to bits and still watch current programming. My favourites are: CM punk, Dolph Ziggler, Sheamus, Wade Barrett, Mr Anderson (When I watch TNA) and all time favorite The Undertaker!

My blogs are usually about current WWE, I like talking to people about wrestling now it’s just my thing…I don’t like writing history, feel like I’m teaching.

Other than WWE, I really like football and say I’m a pretty damn good fan…..By The Way Football as in SOCCER!, Support Chelsea CMONNNNN CHELSEA!. Eh I watch TV comedy and that’s it cause TV sucks. I like games like the Call of Duty series and then wrestling and football of course..Not a hardcore gamer though.

If you want to connect with me use the following…
Face book: http://www.facebook.com/ammmmmmmminuuuuul (strictly will only add if you are a reader)
Twitter: http://twitter.com/iAminulHasnan (I follow back you know)
PS3: wwegamer112
And YouTube which I never use but…MrWWEFinest786 is my username.



Emma is a  girl who enjoys sports just as much as guys do. She plays/has played Soccer, Lacrosse, Tennis, Basketball, and indoor track (shot). She has an extreme love for watching Wrestling, MMA, Football (American), Hockey, and when she can soccer. She has made it a goal of her’s to learn Spanish. She is very clumsy and falls up the stairs every day. In the future she wants to be a forensic scientist like Abby from NCIS and a radio personality/DJ. She fills Up her time watching TV shows such as NCIS, NCIS:LA, Bones, Hawaii Five-0, That 70 Show, Victorious, Bully Beatdown, and various others. And of course listening to music usually Eminem, Jessie J, P!nk, Avirl Lavigne, D12, and various others. She enjoys rap music because well its fast paced usually and every song has a deeper meaning behind it she enjoys trying to find that meaning. She is Team Pettis 100%. She thinks Anthony “Showtime” Pettis is great. She thinks that Roufusport makes some kick ass fighter. And dreams of marrying Sergio Pettis. Growing up and living in a small and extremely boring town in Upstate Ny she is bored a lot. A loyal New York Giants Fan and a loyal Buffalo Sabres fan. She is also a loyal Outlaw Army member yes that means she loves Dan “The Outlaw” Hardy. She thanks Jason “Mayhem” Miller and his show Bully Beatdown for getting her interested in mixed martial arts. Not much of a trouble maker. Extremely emotional. Thinks Low-Ki and Tyson Kidd are amazing. Loves TAPS and GHI and thinks paranormal investigators have a really cool job. R.I.P BIG PROOF 1973-2006 WE WILL NEVER FORGET. Lose yourself in the music work hard and earn what you get. Nothing can beat hard work. So yeah, that’s me.

I joined the WR staff right away. At the very beginning when it was called Rays WWE Reviews. Me and Ray worked and made plenty of test posts to figure things out. I am happy to still be here. Happy to watch this site grow. Also happy to be working with everyone on the WR staff we all work hard. I remember sending email after email out to get email interviews. Which I had a lot of fun with. I still from time to time send those emails out.

Yes I am young but I don’t care. I am here am I not? I started with this site as a 13 year old. This has been a great expirence for me. I improve my writing skills every article now. It helps me in school too.

Want to contact me?
Email- ourwwereviews@gmail.com (yea it’s the old site email but I use it now except for WR staff emails.)
My Twitter- @_Awesome101_
Follow WR on twitter @WrestlinRambles



Former Writer and somehow dedicated wrestling fan for 20 years, Tim got his start as a regular on the 7x Wrestling Radio show until a falling out, occurred resulting in “Freedom from this Bullshit, where are the hookers and Blackjack tables!” Tim has yet to do a podcast, and has show no intention to return to “That wasted audio feed of bullshit”
While a guest writer for Wrestling Rambles, His articles were met with mixed afterthoughts, and not always the “favorite” writer on staff, however it was made very clear that Tim was not here for favoritism.

As a die hard fan of wrestling, Tim has given up on watching wrestling at least once a week for the past 4 years, but still finds himself “being tricked” into watching either a pay per view, or an episode or raw or smackdown each week. Many of Tim’s older reviews involves insulting… Miz-takes (Miz fans and even “Twatface”-Miz) PG-14 marks, Band wagoners, The Millions, The Ce-Nation, and the Hulkamaniacs, and almost everyone else that sees fit. He also manages to insult others for pure entertainment of others, having being told to not call WrestlingRambles.com a “toilet factory” at one point.

While a returning writer, Tim was one of the earliest members of Wrestling Rambles, Before it was even known as Wrestling Rambles it had a different name. He left for a summer to focus on school, work, and other things, and felt that since he was a guest writer that it wasn’t really important that he stuck around, however after a few talks, Tim Rejoined, with the same “Fuck you, and your terrible English too!” Attitude.

Tim has decided to return Wrestling Rambles as a writer and a heel one at that

Outside of Wrestling. You can contact of Find Tim doing something idiotic, or reviewing music, or with the faithful handymen. He is a former skateboarder, and has attended a few pro wrestling classes, with this he tends to be an ass, so while most people will flinch at pain, Tim scares everyone while he laughs at his. Generally a jerk with some niceness, he won’t show it.

Twitter : @Tim5000



I’m Joe, I have been a big time wrestling fan since I can remember, around the mid to late 1980’s, I write “A RAW Opinion” and as you will all get to know I am VERY opinionated lol, I love pro wrestling, always have and probably always will.

Some of my favorite shows (Aside from pro wrestling of course) Would be:
Law & Order: SVU, Covert Affairs, Suits, Burn Notice, Blue Mountain State and Boardwalk Empire.

My wrestling idol growing up was Hulk Hogan, of course being raised in the 80’s and 90’s that was the Hulkamania Era.  I have since then started resenting him, sadly once you find out how they really are, they almost never live up to what you thought.  My favorite wrestler of all time would be very close, Shawn Michaels is my favorite of all time, Mr. Perfect comes in at a close 2nd.  My current favorites include CM Punk, John Morrison, Zack Ryder, Daniel Bryan and Dolph Ziggler.  My favorite announce team of all time was Gorilla Monsoon and Bobby Heenan, and if you’ve never had the pleasure to listen to them, do it! You don’t know what you missed out on.

I was a member of the WWE Universe forum, Fan Nation Original, I mostly posted in the Fantasy Wrestling section.  I was sad to see it close, after WWE Universe closed it was hard to find a good place for wrestling fans to go, I went to a few sites that didn’t last too long, now you can find me on Twitter, usually making someone angry with my opinions lol.

Some of my favorite matches of all time include:
Randy Savage VS Ricky Steamboat, Ric Flair VS Ricky Steamboat and Shawn Michaels VS Bret Hart IronMan Match from WrestleMania 12.

Anyway, that’s about it for me, in the words of Zack Ryder, follow me on Twitter @Relentless_J Take Care, Spike Your Hair.



I’m James and I write The Opinion here on WR. I’ve been a fan of wrestling since the age of 5 which gives me 23 long years of seeing the ups and downs of the business. I live in Alberta, Canada where wrestling is implanted in our heads due to the Hart family and the legendary Stampede Wrestling. I enjoy mostly WWE, old WWE(F), original ECW and WCW. I’m not a fan of TNA at all and I don’t watch ROH enough to open my mouth about it. Music is important in my life and I enjoy many types of music and many different artists. Also I love the media and news and if I had the chance I would love to be a journalist and travel around the world talking to people that global events affect. I also play the odd video game and watch either comedy or horror movies. I have a fairly sick and twisted sense of humour and I’ll warn you now, I’m not your typical fan. Take that how you want. Favorite current superstars include Alberto Del Rio, Dolph Ziggler, Cody Rhodes and CM Punk. Hope you enjoy reading The Opinion and always feel free to comment and leave your opinion; that’s what it’s all about.

Most of my online time is spent on wrestling info, news, writing and going on twitter to talk about whatever. This is the PG version, so in no way will I mention my porn habit. Just kidding. (only because it’s the PG version!) Feel free to add me on twitter @violentshadows or contact me through e-mail – violentshadows@hotmail.com. Also another fun tidbit, you can go enjoy some horrible music and fake radio shows friends and I made years ago at my YouTube channel which is http://www.youtube.com/stonesnbonesbentley Check out the two Stones & Bones albums which have funny radio shows, horrible rap songs and other garbage which is sure to disturb you. Please make sure you’re somewhat high on anything while checking it out, thanks!



My name is Ryan, I go by many names some normal some weird: Ry, RyRy or notoriously Razor! Don’t ask how that one came about. I’ve been a wrestling fan for over 18 years now, and if you’re speculating that would be my whole life we’re talking about. It sounds so cliché to say you’ve been a wrestling fan from the age of nothing but I literally have been watching wrestling from a veeeeery young age. I live in Northern Ireland, which is one of the many banes of my life and hope to work within the wrestling industry some day.

My fondest memories of my childhood are that of playing wrestling figures with an old friend anywhere in the neighbourhood. Our promotion was RRW; Ross & Ryan Wrestling – hell yeah that promotion done all crazy shit. Ross and I would often bring a plastic bag of our figures around the street having no hold barred fights between our figures; one of the best matches we put on was Scotty Too Hotty (Ross) Vs Raven (Me) whereby I smashed Scotty Too Hotty over the head with a leaf ending with a 1, 2, 3 count and Raven was crowned the RRW champion. BAH GAWD shocking stuff I know. We often played outside or on the stairs in my house because if we played in my room I would often get shouted at for banging on the floor too loudly, wasn’t even me though, it was Ross. Ross and I occasionally decided to take fights onto the big stage, wrestling on my single bed, you can imagine it didn’t end well several times with one or both of us falling off and really making a bang on the floor. My dad then banned us from wrestling. RRW hit its peak when the Royal Rumble in 2000 made its way onto VHS and we would repeat what the stars just done, and yes, we did repeat what the Hardy Boys and the Dudley Boys done… We broke the bed.

After RRW became defunct the owners Ross and Ryan parted ways. It was a sad and testing time and the owners separated due to Ross stealing my WrestleMania game boy game that I had worked so hard on unlocking all the wrestlers on. I found this out when I plugged what I thought was my game in to find out that there were no unlocked wrestlers on it. It was a cold case of theft as he boasted how he had unlocked every wrestler. Damn him.

That was basically the story of my wrestling childhood. The story of my adult wrestling life is basically; Wednesday –watch SuperStars, then SmackDown, then a PPV if there was on, and then Raw. Thursday – writing my article for Wrestling Rambles! Saturday – watch one of my many WWE box sets which is never an easy decision. As you can see it’s not as shocking or interesting as my childhood wrestling life but the best thing about being a wrestling fan now is being able to appreciate everything much more; I can now see how much work goes into everything and whilst it may not be as huge as it was back in my childhood and even though I’m much more knowledgeable about wrestling I still have the deep passion for it that I have always had and always will have. I would say the best thing about being older now and being so deep into wrestling is being able to go to live house shows, WWE may only come twice a year but whenever it does roll into town I’m like a five year old on skittles. BUZZING!
Hope this didn’t bore you guys.

-Ry, RyRy or Razor; whichever you prefer!



Hi everyone my name is Jeremy. I come to you courtesy of Texas and I’m a lifelong Wrestling fan. I first started watching Wrestling in January 1992 and the very 1st wrestling program I ever saw was the 1992 Royal Rumble when Ric Flair won the WWF Champion in the Rumble match. Ever since then I have become fascinated by the world of Professional Wrestling. Not a day goes by that I haven’t thought of or seen a wrestling program. I’ve been through the best AND the worst that wrestling has given us. My philosophy is that if you’ve seen the worst in pro wrestling and you’re still watching it til this day, that makes you a true honest to goodness Wrestling fan. If you’ve seen stuff like David Arquette as World Champion, Katie Vick, Diesel vs Mabel at SS 1995, Xanta Klaus, Hornswoggle as Vince’s illegitimate son, Vince Russo in everything he’s done in wrestling, the Road Wild PPVs, etc. and you’re still watching today, then give yourself the Barry Horowitz pat on the back because you my friend are a true Wrestling fan. To me Wrestling isn’t just something I watch for fun. I also watch it because it’s a dream of mine to be apart of the business as a Ring Announcer. My ultimate dream is to announce the WWE/World Champion at Wrestlemania. That’s pretty much it. I’m just your average Wrestling fanatic with a dream to announce the WWE/World Champion at Wrestlemania.



Alreet party people. My name is Rich, but since the summer of 2011 I have been building my online presence as “CallingSpots”. I am 25 years old from Newcastle upon Tyne, England.

I have been a wrestling fan since mid 1997. My first memories were watching Shawn Michaels sweet chin music Bret Hart out of his wheelchair while eating fish and chips at my Grandma’s house. I didn’t fall in love with wrestling until a few months later, October 5th in fact, when I watched Bad Blood in your house. I still fondly remember my dad making homophobic comments about Shawn Michaels’ entrance music as he came out to take on The Undertaker in the first ever Hell in a Cell match. To this day, this is my favourite match. I quickly switched allegiances however, becoming a hardened WCW fan from 1998 until its dying day. To this day I still mark out for WCW moments.

I think I have seen the good times and the bad in my 15 years as a wrestling fan but my love for the art of professional wrestling has never waned. I can’t even put my finger on what makes me use the words “love” and “wrestling” in the same sentence other than something I heard Terry Funk say once. “It’s like a beautiful dance”.

Outside of being borderline obsessed with wrestling my other passions include (but not limited to) my beautiful girlfriend and our legendary flat, drinking copious amounts of coffee, laughing at rubbish banter, wearing v-neck tshirts and my job (believe it or not) as a customer service manager.

Hope you enjoy my ramblings.

Much Love – Rich


The Top Rope Crew


Although the founder of TTR, my earliest memory of wrestling would be watching DX, The Undertaker, The Rock, Austin etc from September 1998 onwards. Therefore I started watching even after significant moments within the Attitude Era such as Austin winning KOTR/Rumble, after the Montreal Screwjob, after HBK leaving. I missed moments such as Mankind being thrown off the cell from the Undertaker and DX invading WCW.

Unlike Simon and James, I never spent a huge amount of time catching up on the past of wrestling with my effort reduced to watching past Wrestlemania’s, researching the Attitude Era and reading autobiographies. Therefore I have never truly seen the impact of true greats such as Bret Hart, Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, Mr Perfect, Randy Savage etc so my opinions on WWE and Wrestling Pre-1998 are pretty flat.

Additionally, due to my exposure of wrestling being limited when I started watching at 11, I was not interested in WCW or ECW which is probably why I had no investment in the Invasion angle, so be my guest to call me a WWE mark. Even now, I watch TNA weekly and respect matches from ROH but honestly, I just prefer the overall production values of the WWE.

Admittedly, I took a hiatus from wrestling in 2006 and 2007 as I thought after the death of my favourite wrestler Eddie Guerrero, the quality of the industry really disappeared but surprisingly it was John Cena’s victory over HHH at the 2008 Rumble which brought me back.

Since then, there have been some frustrating times (more so with TNA) but WWE in 2010 has been one of the better years since the Attitude Era and I am very much looking forward to Wrestlemania 28 as I will be in attendance in Miami to see the best of the Attitude Era and the best of the Golden Era.

I just hope the WWE put more emphasis on the Tag Team Division and really keep pushing the likes of Punk, Bryan, Ziggler, Rhodes and I hope TNA can compete more seriously in 2012.

You can follow Lee, @Leeleemu

You’ll find me hosting the mid-week edition of The Top Rope Wrestling Report, telling awful jokes, mocking Jeff Jarrett and trying to keep Lee and James out of mischief… including preventing them from getting us sued for defamation of character.

Whilst not being as long-term a fan as James, I have still racked up my fair share of hours watching wrestling, beginning with the 1997 Royal Rumble. Granted, I had no idea what on earth the Royal Rumble was but for some reason, the 8 year old me was fascinated by the VHS tape he saw in the local video store. I eventually convinced my parents to buy it for me, and I never turned back. My wrestling education was based almost entirely around late 80s-early 90s WWF and WCW tapes, and, when we finally got cable, attitude-era WWF. Through the great times, and the not-so-great times (I’m talking mid-2000s Triple H burying the roster here!) I have stuck with the WWE and I think it’s finally starting to repay me once again. 2011 was probably the best year in WWE since the early 2000s, and so I’m hopeful for a good 2012 too. With the return of Chris Jericho, and Rock vs Cena booked in for WrestleMania it promises to be a good year ahead.

To give you a sense of my wrestling tastes, I rate Bret Hart, Stone Cold, The Rock and Shawn Michaels among my all-time favourites, while despite being somewhat diluted since becoming an all-out face, I am still loving CM Punk. I am also looking forward to big years from the likes of Dolph Ziggler and Cody Rhodes, and it wouldn’t surprise me if Lee, James and I will be discussing world title reigns for the two of them during the 12 months ahead.

Also follow Simon, @Simon_TTR

James P. 

 Like the other 2 guys from The Top Rope, I’m looking forward to writing upcoming blogs on the crazy world of Professional wrestling, and here’s an introduction to who I am. From England,  I’ve been a wrestling fan for 21 years, with my earliest memory being that faithful night a legend appeared at the 1990 Survivor Series…yes, the Gobbledy Gooker! Of course I mean the Undertaker. I remember sitting on the floor in front of my TV, eyes glued to the television screen seeing all these different characters and gimmicks. Some I took an instant liking to, others, not so much (actually, Undertaker’s debut scared me…gimme a break, I was young!).

It soon became a family activity, sitting down with my father and my 2 siblings to watch Wrestling Challenge and WWF Superstars, cheering on our favourites, booing the ones we disliked. For me, I grew up as a big fan of Bret Hart. He always stood out to me, and matches with the likes of Mr Perfect and the British Bulldog are perfect examples of why the Excellence of Execution is my all time favourite. I grew up mainly watching WWF, but at times I did watch WCW too. This was the days before Sky+, so it meant an hour of WCW Nitro, then over to Sky Sports to watch WWF Raw. Guys like Sting, Ric Flair got me hooked on WCW, but it was mainly the likes of Rey Mysterio, Eddie Guerrero, Dean Malenko, and Chris Jericho that I enjoyed watching. Any combination of those guys in a match, I knew it would be fantastic.

As I’ve got older, I’ve tried to broaden my wrestling horizon, watching as much as possible. Mainly I watch WWE, TNA and ROH, while trying to view Japanese stuff online, as well as going to as many shows as possible when wrestling hits the UK. I’d say my current favourites are Daniel Bryan, Austin Aries, Eddie Edwards, while I’d pick Beth Phoenix, Natalya and Winter (aka Katie Lea) as my favourite women wrestlers.

Thanks to the internet, I’ve been able to make some great friends to discuss wrestling with and writing for WrestlingRambles, I hope to meet more to have interesting wrestling discussions with. If you want to know any more about myself or discuss wrestling, then hit me up on twitter.

And follow James, @GoofyVillain


Tony Kegger

I’m Tony Kegger and review WWE Friday Night Smackdown every week here at Wrestling Rambles. I live in Chicago, Illinois and I have attended many WWE events at the Allstate Arena including Money in the Bank 2011. I started watching wrestling in 1999 right after WrestleMania 15. I stopped watching wrestling right around the time the WWF became the WWE in 2002 and I became a WWE fan again in late March 2008. My favorite WWE Superstar of all-time is The Rock and my favorite match is the Mankind vs. Undertaker Hell in a Cell match. Some of my favorite wrestling experiences include getting my photo taken with Mick Foley, seeing The Rock at a WWE live event for the first time at the March 28, 2011 RAW in Chicago, and getting Daniel Bryan’s autograph at my old high school gym just 9 days before he returned to the WWE at SummerSlam 2010.

Writing is something I have enjoyed doing for most of my life. I wrote my high school’s website during my senior year and I wrote for my college’s newspaper for four years. I published my first professional wrestling article on April 29, 2011.
Twitter: @TonyKegger


I’m one of the people the WWE was attempting to win back from “The Summer Of Punk,” and since seeing “THAT” promo on youtube I’ve become somewhat of a wrestling geek.

My first exposure to wrestling was when both of the main companies ran hour long shows on terrestrial TV every week. WCW had a show on Friday nights, where I was captivated by the likes of Goldberg, Jeff Jarrett, Ric Flair, Sting, Scott Steiner, DDP and company on Friday nights.

On Sunday Afternoons the WWF ran “Heat” where I was thrilled by the likes of Naked Mideon and Albert. Enough said. I’m pretty sure I recall Y2J appearing at some point, along with Kane. I don’t think I have been more excited in seeing a wrestler on TV than when Kane appeared on Heat!

The first two PPV’s I remember seeing were Summerslam 2000 (headlined by Kurt v The Rock v HHH) and Wrestlemania X-Seven. I remember getting a recording on tape (remember them?) and taking it round to my friend’s house after school on the Wednesday. I’ve never forgotten that event: Big Show throwing Raven through the window, TLCII (what a match!) and what I would argue is one of the greatest matches of all time in Rock V Austin. I remember being absolutely shocked and devastated by what had transpired-undoubtedly influenced by the masterful JR alongside Heyman. The event had that much of an effect on me that I even quoted Paul Heyman in a poem we were writing as a class about a crow. I added the line that “it circled with evil intentions,” which was said about Taker in the first-and best-Undertaker/HHH mania match up.

I can also remember wrestling with my friends when I was small on my parents bed, which we used as a ring. We used the bedside table as a turnbuckle, although there was no to get around not having any ropes unfortunately. Given my performances and behaviour in our little federation, it was evident that I was a budding Hulk Hogan or Kevin Nash. I can’t recall ever getting beat. Ever. I often vanquished my foes with the Stunner, Rock Bottom, Walls Of Jericho, Sharpshooter or the Crossface. No jobs!

However, despite my initial childhood love for wrestling, as I got older I drifted away and paid very little attention to the wrestling world.

As I’ve rekindled my interested in wrestling over the past year or so, I’ve spent a lot of time trying to catch up and familiarise myself with the history and intricacies of wrestling. I currently watch Raw and Impact weekly, and I’ll occasionally watch Ring Of Honor as well. In regards to in ring action, I absolutely love what the guys do there.

However, I find it really difficult to watch because of their production values which pale in comparison to the WWE, and even to TNA. If I was pushed on a favourite wrestler I’d be struggling. From TNA I love AJ Styles, Christopher Daniels and Austin Aries. From a WWE viewpoint I’d have to go for Chris Jericho and Shawn Michaels, but out of the guys who regularly compete I really enjoy what Daniel Bryan, CM Punk and Dolph Ziggler are doing at the minute.

Feel free to follow me on twitter @MichaelBrown_91



George here, or G, whatever’s best for ya! I’ve been watching wrestling since I was 7 years old and I’m 29 now. The first PPV I ever saw was WrestleMania 5 and since then, I’ve watched a hell of a lot of WCW, WWF/E, TNA, ROH and I’m starting to get into watching DGUSA at the minute.

I don’t have a particular favourite style of wrestling, I try to get invested in everything from the storyline leading up to the match, to the psychology in the ring. Basically if I’m entertained, then I’m happy. I’ll be posting content exclusive to Wrestling Rambles every Thursday, as well as reviewing every WWE PPV.

The best way to get in touch with me is on Twitter @georgec1982.



I’m Helen, and live in sunny Manchester. I have been a wrestling fan since TV’s were black and white, you had to move the aerial on top every time you changed a channel and the only remote was self manufactured in the form of a stick with a bottle cork on the end! Some of my happiest childhood memories are of watching WWF on a Saturday (because we were no where near posh enough to have Sky until I hit my 20’s) and trying to kick the crap out of anyone and everyone that would stand still long enough for me to try and bust a move on!  My childhood hero was Bret Hart.  I was so in love with him, to this day his music gives me goosebumps!  My favourite EVER match was Hitman v Stone Cold at Wrestlemania 13.  A (not PG) match I will never forget! HBK will also always hold a place in my heart, and not just because I’m a tooth missing due to Sweet Chin Music! I could ramble on and on about the epic moments in WWE history that were of life changing proportions and that moulded my childhood, and i’m sure I will at some point.
Although my first love is WWE I watch TNA and any other wreslting I can find on some of the random channels on Sky you never knew existed!
I am a massive John Cena fan and have been for almost 10 years (no mocking please), aside from Cena I am a heel kind of girl.  Love ADR, Miz, the best in the world at everything he does Y2J, Punk, and have recently been saved by Damien Sandow.  It’s a beard thing!
I go to as many live shows as my bank account will allow and have a new found love of Indy wrestling events.  I am an avid collector of signed memrobillia and travel the county (to the dismay of my Jack Russell) to go to as many signings as I possibly can. I have been lucky enough to meet some of my heros, and unlucky enough to never have met some of the true greats that I idolised.  Still, Cena, my Holy Grail elludes me!
Aside from my slight obsession with pro wreslting I also like…. Erm…. No, I got nothing….
I look forward to sharing my views with the Rambling community and hope you enjoy sharing my experiences and taking the piss when (if ever) Cean loses 🙂
You can follow me on Twitter @helenrobinson82

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