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Z! True Long Island Story

 Here’s a hypothetical for you: You’re employed by the WWE, but you’re a lower mid-carder who doesn’t get much air time. You have to count your blessings if you appear at all on the main shows such as RAW or  SmackDown!, and forget about having an actual match. You’re desperate to generate any kind of interest with the higher-ups or the booking committee—not because you’re an attention whore, but because this is your livelihood on the line, and you could very easily be shown the door at any time. So what do you do?

Most wrestlers wouldn’t know what to do. But Zack Ryder isn’t most wrestlers. Apparently deciding his own twitter page and his own Facebook page wasn’t enough, Zack started his own Web Original series, most of which are a Day In The Life-style videos of him discussing whatever is bothering him at the time, or just clips of him screwing around whatever town he’s in.

WrestlingRambles.com has his entire YouTube videos on demand, as you hover over Z! True Long Island Story,  under video sectionyou’ll see an extended right drop down menu, the pages are faster as there is only 10 on each page now instead of having them all on one page, enjoy!

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