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The Stone Cold Truth

The Stone Cold Truth
By Kelly (http://wrestlingvengeance.com/index.cgi?)

The book contains the life and career of The Rattlesnake told by the Legendary Stone Cold Steve Austin with help from J.R.

The first few chapter tells us about Stone Cold’s childhood and growing up in Texas, which I found rather interesting. The book also contains both colour and black and white pictures of Stone Cold and his family, and I tell you Austin was so cute as a child with his gorgeous blonde hair but I’m so used to the bald Stone Cold so we’ll stick with that shall we.

The book goes into so much detail regarding Austin’s time with WCW and ECW and eventually WWE. He went by many names such as The Ringmaster and his tag team The Hollywood Blondes alongside his best mate Brian Pillman. Austin tells us he always wears the gold chain around his neck given to him by Pillman as a way of thinking he is still with him. RIP Brain Pillman.

I must say I have the DVD version of this book and it’s great how Stone Cold’s two beautiful daughters Stephanie and Cassidy spoke about their father. They absolutely adore their father and have all his merchandise which I think is so sweet of them.

My most favourite part of the book is the Chapter about Stone Cold and Vince McMahon, so bloody funny! I remember the good ol’ Attitude Era days when personally in my opinion was the “real” wrestling, no offence to wrestling now btw. Stone Cold tells us all his pranks he pulled on the chairman of the WWE back in the late 90’s which sadly I still remember and watch over and over on YouTube. This chapter also tells us how much Mr. McMahon devoted his time to make they business more sucessful by using himself and Austin in the “I Don’t Give a Damn What My Boss Says” era of WWE.

The book later on also explains how Stone Cold regrets his heel turn as it didn’t make the company as popular without his shenanigans. I actually think it was brave of Austin to admit this as it must be hard to make the business work being the most popular superstar of all time and turning heel. Personally I didn’t like when Stone Cold turned heel because I missed when he raised hell every RAW,  just so bloody funny, and I ain’t ashamed to admit I was in tears from laughing so hard.

Stone Cold also tells his story on why he quit the WWE and why he wasn’t happy, as well as his amazing return to give Eric Bischoff a run for his money.

I won’t go into to much detail about each chapter otherwise I will spoil a good read but in saying that I really enjoyed reading this book. I’ve actually lost count how many times I’ve read it. I have the hard-cover version.

So if you want a good WWE book to read then I strongly recommend The Stone Cold Truth as I’m sure everyone is a Stone Cold fan and if you’re not then there is seriously something wrong with you (Joking….or am I? That is the question ) I would also suggest the DVD version as well to see Stone Cold and his family give their opinions on Austin’s life.

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