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Macho Man

By Timmy

I am the cream, Yeah, The Cream of the Crop
and I think that the Spot light should go ontop of me
Because I am going straight to the top
This time tonight, Don’t blink
Because I am

This mash together of Promos was used in this Tribute to the greatest Wrestler one year ago

It has been one year since The Original madman, has died, and while I am not one to dwell on the past, Death happens, it is the one promise in life you will ever get, But in the wrestling world, Macho Man’s death leaves us with only one thing now, and that is the what ifs?

When it comes down to the true overall package, Mic Work, Wrestling, and Overall charisma driven character that Was Macho Man, there was, will be, only one.

I am not going to get into rumors, about Vince, Savage, and Steph, I will not go into how I feel the wrong member of the super powers is dead, and I won’t get into any rants, this is my Tribute, to a true legend, icon, and idol, from one madman to another, These are a few clips of MACHO MAN RANDY SAVAGE!




Slim Jim

Vince Says Goodbye

Macho Man on WCW

A visit to TNA

Halloween Havoc

Macho Wins WWF title

Macho Man and Miss Elizabeth

Often imitated, Never Duplicated, Always Missed

RIP Macho Man.

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