To our readers I am sorry I usually post my articles on Saturday but I was a little busy is all. Also sorry this one is short I had limited time to do it.

 The Corre


The Corre was started on Friday Night Smackdown. They were a destructive team of 4 people. Justin Gabriel, Heath Slater, Wade Barrett, and Ezekiel Jackson were The Corre. This was a group that supposedly had no leader. The idea was with no one in charge the group would work out perfectly fine and forever remain there. However if there is one thing we know from history no group will ever remain forever.

                Wade Barret, Heath Slater, and Justin Gabriel were 3 members of the original Nexus. Wade was the original leader of Nexus. So these 3 already knew how to work together. However they stated that the downfall of Nexus was because the Fact Nexus had a leader. So the Corre as we know was created with no leader but instead they were all equals.

                But just how well did that work out for The Corre? Not very well. Because from the start you could tell that they did not stick to having no leader. Even though they did not admit it they had an obvious leader. That person being Wade Barrett. And it was defiantly easy enough to figure that out and see that coming. I mean they had him get the intercontinental championship why didn’t anyone else get it instead? Because Wade was the leader.

                Now we knew it would not be long for something to happen between the Corre. The time would come when eventually someone was excommunicated from the group. But even more obvious was exactly who that would be. Think about it Wade Justin and Heath had great chemistry as a team. But Ezekiel was just kind of there to be there. Also just so he could get his Smackdown debut.

Well just that came true. The Corre was no longer 4 people but instead 3.

                However was the Corre a good thing or just another fail by WWE creative? Honestly it wasn’t great.  I mean like I said I honestly saw most of what they did coming. And another thing. Does WWE think that little of Wade Justin and Heath? I mean it seems like the only way WWE could think of to make them big was being in a group. I mean they pretty much went from Nexus to Corre there wasn’t anything in the middle. Another thing that made Corre a fail was how many theme songs they had. I mean seriously it seemed like each week they had a new theme. This leads me to believe this.  WWE never actually put much thought into Corre. Which then show that WWE didn’t care about the Corre but instead just kind of made them as a way to give certain titles to certain people.