What TNA needs to do to compete with WWE.

Hey, this is Ray and hoped you enjoyed my last column ‘’ Did the attitude era ruin pro wrestling ‘’. So this column has a connection with that. I will be talking about what TNA needs to do in order to compete with the biggest wrestling promotion in the world, the WWE. I will cut them into parts, so it makes it easier to read and follow. So what are we waiting for? Lets roll!

Creative Team
Now, this is the biggest problem that TNA have. They have guys like Hogan and Bischoff there, which I find stupid. TNA were getting the same ratings without them too there, or at least, in and around the same rating. They had a 6 sided ring, so what did the genius creative team decide to do? Change it to a 4 sided ring; at least they had something different than WWE, which was the ring. I thought the 6 sided ring was cool, it was something different. Then they had the name change of Brother Ray to Bully Ray, like what was the point in that? Brother Ray was doing just fine; they didn’t need to change that. Also they had two guys with gimmicks ripping off Jersey Shore; like come on! Now I am a very passionate WWE fan, so no matter what, I will always have a soft spot for them, so how would a smaller, not as good promotion like TNA expect me to watch their product with stupid mistakes from their creative team? For the sake of TNA, they need a fresh creative team.

New Talent
They need new talent; most of the guys are from WCW Nitro or WWE. Guys like Hogan, Bischoff, Hardy, Angle, Flair, Sting etc you get my point. Push their ‘’own’’ guys and create new things for them and build them. If there is one valuable thing we learn in life, if you’re the very best… whether in school, local team, professional; there is always somebody better out there, there is always someone out there hungry and waiting for that one opportunity to push themselves to the very limit, so TNA needs to bring someone in that is ‘’that hungry’’. Austin did it with WWF and sky rocketed to the top of the wrestling food chain and brought WWF to new levels, if TNA improve their creative team, push a few of their own stars, someone will step up and take control.

The X Division
The X division was great in TNA, what happened to it? Back in 2006 they had guys like Styles, Senshi, Samoa Joe and Christopher Daniels battling out in some great matches and made the title look worth fighting for. The division now is just buried; it looks like they try to push the knockouts, but fail. It was the company’s biggest draw, now it’s just a memory. TNA need to spend more time on the X division, maybe have at least 2 matches a show on them and I think they will improve, if it works, it will draw more into TNA, and at least it could keep fans watching. This was also something that set them apart from WWE, as WWE don’t have a cruiserweight division. This is the simplest of things TNA can do to improve themselves, just let the X division do what it does best, let them have fast, high flying matches. Then if they really wanted to rebuild it, or even spend more time on it, create a tournament, it will certainly keep fans watching.

Just a few things
Now not sure if you agree but I think it has to be done. The likes of Bully Ray, Sting, Angle, Rob Van Dam won’t be around in 5 years time, so use them to push stars a lot. Now I read somewhere that is what Kurt Angle wants to do himself, but not sure if it was true or not. You know, they aren’t going to be able to provide future success for TNA so use them to push stars and get them out of there. So to push stars, this is what WWE are doing with many stars, TNA don’t seem to be doing that, they are living in the past too much. Next, have less PPVs, I would say cut them down to 5 a year. Then maybe stream them for purchase on their website and offer a deal for the TNA shop if they buy online, which will bring business to the shop. Travel more, it may cost a lot of money, but it will get themselves known and a good move for future business. They need to use social media networks like Facebook and Twitter more. WWE have a lot of their stars on twitter, promoting each time a show/event is, we witness it every time a show is on. It’s also a great way to connect with fans, and spend less on TV ads. Spend more time with the Knockouts, I think this will be done sooner rather than later. This was another part set away from WWE, they had great Women wrestlers unlike those playboys in WWE. So I say bring them back!

This concludes part 2 of my column ‘’From Rays Point of View’’, I hope you liked it, please give me more feedback as you did from my last column. Thank you!

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