Smackdown started off with the MITB participants in the ring, except for Sheamus. Each were asked what their thoughts were in the match. Bryan said that he was excited and nervous. He wanted to be World Champion since he was a kid. He says he’s the Underdog in this match. Cody then says that’s because he’s a common man uncapable of doing exceptional things that exceptional people can. He says he’s going to win MITB and win MITB. He also says that people with have to swallow their pride and look him in the eye. Wade Barrett then comments about accomplished more than any of them in the last year. Sheamus then comes down with a chair and clears the ring. He grabs a mic and says he’s going to win MITB and cash in on Orton after Orton beats that “Scrawny malnourished homely googly-eyed weasel – Christian for the 50th time”. His words, not mine. Christian came out and thanked Sheamus for ripping up the contract because now there is another stipulation. If Orton is DQ’d or the ref makes a bad call, Christian is the new WHC. He says Sheamus would have done the same thing, then says he probably can’t read though. Sheamus throws the chair at him and Teddy Long comes out. He announces Sheamus vs Orton for later tonight.

Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase d. Intercontinental Champion Ezekiel Jackson & Daniel Bryan.

Match was ok at best. I liked the work between Cody, Ted and Bryan. Jackson, however, is just not very good at all. Ted got the win after hitting Dream Street on Jackson. If I was booking it, Ted would be the next IC Champion, while Cody would go on to win MITB and become WHC later in the year. Ted is one of the most talented workers there yet they make him look dire. It’s a shame because WWE need to push younger stars, for the sake of the future of the company.

Mark Henry cuts a promo. He seems very angry. I guess the Kool-Aid supllies ran out. I know I make fun of him a lot, but this new Heel Mark has really impressed me.

Jinder Mahal w/ The Great Khali d. Trent Barretta.

This was a squash match. Khali did commentary. Yes, he can actually speak English. Reminded me of Booker T’s commentary, haha. Mahal got the win via Full Nelson Slam. Post match, he hit another one. I like Mahal. He’s Canadian. I love Canadians. Has a lot of star potential. Barretta is also a great athlete. It’s a shame he gets jobbed. He’s a great talent. Watch him in last weeks 6 man tag match on Superstars where he teamed with The Uso’s against Tyson Kidd, Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel. Great match that was.

AJ w/ Natalya d. Tamina w/ Alicia Fox.

Not a great Divas match. Very short. I love AJ. She’s a little cutie. Has lots of potential and I like the style she brings to the Divas division. I also like Tamina. She is a powerhouse. WWE should capitalize on it and make her a scary heel diva. I always think about ways to make the Divas division better. A Beth and Natalya fued over the Divas title at Wrestlemania would be great, if they got time. AJ got the win via rollup.

Mark Henry d. Kane.

Match wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I don’t usually like matches where two big guys wrestle. This was ok though. Mark has improved since his heel turn, that’s for sure. He’s scary. Kane done a good job of putting him over. Henry got the win via Worlds Strongest Slam. Henry vs Big Show is announced for MITB. I don’t expect it to be good. You shouldn’t either.

The Uso’s d. Heath Slater & Justin Gabriel.

I like The Uso’s. You can see they have greatly improved over the last year. This match was ok actually. Heath and Justin are good as a team. I don’t like Slater though. Why is he in MITB? He’s not winning it. He has as much chance of winning it as Big Show has of becoming Cruiserweight Champion. If he does, I’ll delete my twitter and Facebook accounts, haha. Uso’s got the win via top rope splash to Gabriel.

Sin Cara d. Tyson Kidd.

Great match. My favorite match of the night. No botches by Sin Cara either that I could see. Tyson is an exceptional talent too. He should be in MITB instead of Slater. Sin Cara won with the Spanish Fly (That’s what he called it in Mexico) Tysoon deserves a push. I’d love him as IC Champion. Maybe in a new all Heel Canadian stable with all the gold. Have Christian lead as WHC. Natalya as heel Divas Champion and Jinder Mahal and Khali as Tag Champions. Fair enough, Khali isn’t good, but he’s with Mahal, who’s Canadian. Khali could be the scary Heel monster again, like he used to be. I think about these things a lot also. It’s a good idea, I think anyway.

World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton d. Sheamus via DQ.

Good match. I like their matches on SD better than I did on Raw. They get more time and have good chemistry together. Christian was also on commentary. Sheamus seemed to have Ortons Number during this match. Very dominant. Match ended when Christian came in and attacked Orton. He literally pounded the hell out of him. Sheamus pulled him off though, then hit him with the Brogue kick. Randy Orton then hit the RKO on Sheamus and posed with the Championship as SD went off the air.

I really hope Christian wins at MITB. I love his matches with Orton. He makes Orton look good. Christian is the best worker right now in WWE, as well as CM Punk and Daniel Bryan, which I stated last week. I doubt Christian will win though. I can see Sheamus becoming WHC, or Cody Rhodes cashing in MITB on Orton. I can only speculate. I don’t actually know what’s going to happen. Fine by me. I like surprises. Overall. It was aan average edition of Smackdown. Let me see Natalya wrestle next week please.