Over the years that I have been a member of the Internet Wrestling Community, I have been asked numerous of times to why I like Batista so much on many discussion boards etc and I would be in numerous of debates regarding Batista’s quality etc. Some say he botches hundreds of times or he is just a steroid machine, but there is more to a pro wrestler than just wrestling ability. I want to clear up that I know Batista is not a great wrestler, heck, he even admitted that himself  in a video interview once. My biggest reason for liking Batista was that he made me fond of wrestling again at that time along with Cena, the two were the only two new young wrestlers who I found interesting, there was others but at that time for me, I found only the both to be interesting. I began liking Cena, he was probably my favourite new talent at the time but when Batista turned on evolution, man that just made me love the guy. Batista power bombing Triple H through the table. That was such an epic moment, we all knew it was going happen eventually but the timing from WWE building to Wrestlemania was just pure gold. Lets relive that moment again shall we:

As I said, it was such an epic moment. Especially for me at that time as I was doing what all my friends were doing at that time; growing out of wrestling. As I enjoyed this moment so much, it just made me love wrestling again. But WWE was the only product I watched. Watching on UK/Irish TV there is only so many channels that wrestling is available on, I only ever remembered WWE being on, other than that it was just really old British wrestling matches from like the 70’s. So this moment as I said, saved me as a fan watching WWE. From that moment on, I had a deeper interest in Batista and his character, so I followed him more or kept a closer eye on him compared to the other wrestlers. With Batista officially feuding with Triple H now, I just enjoyed RAW more and more each week to see what would happen next between these two. Batista was out to accomplish his first World Championship and to prove he is ”the man” while Triple H was out to prove he will put ”the animal” down. Here is the video promo leading up to Wrestlemanaia 21:

I was psyched and hyped up for Wrestlemanaia 21, I just had that feeling it would not disappoint. Obviously we know now Batista won the match and what I hate about IWC smarks is that they all say ”Triple H bury’s people”. Triple H made a star out of Batista, Batista was made look strong and powerful and he was indeed made look ‘‘the man’‘, he was the predator of WWE and top of the food chain.

Moving on from Wrestlemanaia 21, he had some epic matches against Triple H at Backlash and at Vengeance to finish it off inside a Hell in a Cell match. I don’t recall many people complaining about that match, it got positive remarks from most people whenever the topic would come up. Anyway, the draft lottery was coming up. I liked the way WWE did it that year oppose to recent years, when each brand would pick a wrestler each week. John Cena was the WWE Champion, he was on the Smackdown brand and was a pick for RAW, so this meant both world champions were RAW. Then, when Batista he was the last draft pick for Smackdown, and as he was world champion…..it meant JBL wouldn’t be a champion, which JBL won a fatal 4 way match to determine a new Smackdown champion because there wasn’t any. I used to hate JBL at the time. So that completely put me over as a Batista being my favourite current star. I also loved this feud so I wasn’t getting bored of Batista as world champion. Batista with Rey Mysterio as a tag team I enjoyed, not a huge Rey fan, but I do like him. Batista teamed up with Eddie too. I cried when Eddie passed on, I remember I was in bed and my Dad came up to my room to tell me he died and WWE were doing a tribute show for him. I was not watching live because of the time difference. It was such a sad moment, I will never forget it. Eddie was one of my favourite wrestlers at the time, not saying that because he passed on because he actually was. So when Batista and Eddie tag teamed for a few months I just really enjoyed the two of them together. I asked Batista on twitter the following a couple of months back, ‘Did WWE have any plans for you an Eddie before he died? Like would we of seen more of you two working together?” and he replied with this, ‘we had a long program planned that i will forever wish i had the chance to have. if you love someone tell them..cuz you never know how long they’ll be in your life. real talk. i miss Eddie every minute of every day”, so you can see Batista felt warmly of Eddie and I just felt a great bond between 2 of my favourite wrestlers, which to me felt a warm moment too.

So for the topic of the title, this is all why I became a Batista fan and why I tend to mark out for him whether I am on twitter or forums etc. Sadly, I only got to see Batista once at a house show in Dublin back in 2005. I am planning a trip hopefully for Wrestlemanaia 30, yes….30 because it is going to be special and I hope to meet Vince, Undertaker, Stone Cold, Rock, Cena, HBK, HHH and most of the others. So Batista, please try to attend Wrestlemanaia 30 so I can see you.

Now I know he is not the most popular with the IWC, but please try to not bash him like a jackass. It is totally cool if you disagree with some of my opinions or facts iv’e mentioned in this column but try not to bash. Please leave your thoughts and….you know all that 🙂

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