Hello everyone and welcome to another edition of A RAW Opinion, I’m Joe and as always I take you through this weeks episode of WWE Raw and give you my thoughts along the way.  This is the final Raw before WrestleMania.

We start things off this week with a tag team match.  Randy Orton and Sheamus going up against World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan and Kane.  Very good match, Daniel Bryan and Kane got the win when Sheamus went for a Brogue Kick but AJ got in his way, after she was moved aside, Sheamus kissed the kick, Kane delivered a choke slam and Daniel Bryan got the pin.

Michael Cole is in the ring, he puts on a Team Johnny shirt and says he’s been named official commentator for Team Johnny, he calls John Laurinaitis out from the back, Laurinaitis announces Vickie Guerrero as the official flag bearer, he then introduces his team captain David Otunga, Booker T interrupts, he introduces Teddy Long as the man who is going to send John Laurinaitis back to his “little office cubicle.”  Teddy comes out from the back and introduces his team captain, Santino Marella, Hornswoggle comes out with him waving a flag.  Booker says he’s the official commentator for Team Teddy. (Awesome…)  This turns into captain VS captain Santino VS Otunga, very dumb match.  This turns into comedy, with flags being waved in the ring, Otunga swings the flag pole and it bounces off the rope hitting himself, Santino hit’s the Cobra on Otunga for the win.  After the match, Teddy pushes Johnny, Johnny got in Teddy’s face, Santino went for a Cobra on Johnny but Miz came in and hit Skull Crushing Finale on Santino, Johnny announced Miz being the final member of Team Johnny (He messed up and said Team Teddy first which was pretty funny)

Up next, they show a video hyping up Triple H VS The Undertaker, taking a look back at their careers, damn good video, WWE’s production is always top notch, great stuff.

Eve comes out to the ring, Eve comes out to the ring being accompanied by Beth Phoenix, her opponent is Kelly Kelly.  Hoeski chants for Eve as soon as the match starts.  Kelly gets the win in a longer then usual divas match, Eve missed a moonsault and Kelly rolled her up for the pin.  Better divas match then I thought, but still not good.

CM Punk walking around backstage, they announce CM Punk VS Christian coming up next.

Christian gets to the ring first, CM Punk comes out after, before the match starts Chris Jericho comes up on the big screen and talks about his family some more this week he did some digging about his mother, but she doesn’t have any vices, however he looked into the wedding date of his mother and father and It’s after Punk was born so CM Punk is the “legal definition of a bastard”  Christian attacked him from behind, Punk go the upper hand and started beating on Christian outside the ring, slamming his face into the announce table a bunch of times, the referee tried to get Punk to stop but he chased him off, Punk picked Christian up and yelled for Jericho, Punk dropped Christian face first on the steps and locked Christian in the Anaconda Vise, as he continues yelling “This is you Jericho” it took four referees to get Punk off of Christian, Punk walked away but then ran back and went back to work on Christian, locking him back in the Anaconda Vise, no match took place but this was HEAVY.  Watching Punk finally snap because of Jericho, this match on Sunday between Jericho and Punk is going to be INSANE!  I really cannot wait to see it!

We come back from commercial, Michael Cole says Christian may have reinsured his neck.

Brodus Clay up next, his victim this week is Curt Hawkins.  Brodus gets the win in a short match, I was surprised Hawkins got as much offense in that he did.

Big Show coming out next, his opponent is Primo.  God I love Rosa Mendes.  Alright, now that that’s out of the way…  Big Show beats Primo quickly, after the match Cody Rhodes comes out from the back, he talks about Big Show choking at WrestleMania.  Michael Cole announced during this match that Christian is OUT of the match at WrestleMania between Team Teddy and Team Johnny.  (On Twitter, John Laurinaitis announced that taking Christians place is Drew McIntyre)

Backstage Brie and Nikki are arguing about Team Teddy VS Team Johnny.  Zack Ryder walks up to them and pisses both of them off, Eve walks up to him and flirts with him.

Up next Mark Henry VS the Great Khali…  (Wonderful)  Mark Henry wins in a mercifully short match after hitting the Worlds Strongest Slam.  After the match Johnny threw Teddy inside the ring, Henry cornered him and Johnnys entire team blocked the entrance so Team Teddy couldn’t get by, the entire team ran down and broke the wall, Kofi was able to get through, Kofi took a Worlds Strongest Slam, Henry went back after Teddy but Booker ran in and took out Henry.  Teddy got on a microphone and thanked Booker, Teddy then asked Booker to be on his team at WrestleMania.  Mercifully that takes one terrible commentator away from the table during that match.

Up next, John Cena and Dwayne Johnson, face to face.  They’ve been showing videos all night, between the special they aired before Raw and all the videos they’ve shown throughout the show, I really can’t stand this feud anymore, this is way too much overkill.

Dwayne comes out to the ring first, he gives about a 5 minute speech sucking up to Georgia, John Cena comes out interrupting Dwayne, they go back and forth for over 15 minutes, it got a little long and the fans seemed restless and just started booing both men at one point, Cena really drove it home at the end though.  I thought this was a good segment despite it getting stale toward the middle.

This weeks final Raw before WrestleMania I’ll give it a 4/5 simply because the segments that they had to build up to WrestleMania this Sunday were great, I wish they would have had Shawn, Hunter and Taker there live tonight but they didn’t, Jericho and Punk is going to be an absolute war, I’m actually looking forward to that match the most.

I hate that Christian was taken out of the match at WrestleMania, I wonder why he was in the first place.  I don’t hate the fact that Drew McIntyre is replacing him though, I’ve always thought he was very underrated, hopefully now he gets a chance.

On a slightly related note, I had this debate/argument on Twitter during Dwayne’s part, I said that he was going to spend most of his promo trying to trend on Twitter, so I was called a hypocrite more or less because I’m a Zack Ryder fan, my argument is It’s fine for Zack to do it because that is his GIMMICK, he’s the internet darling and that’s who he has to pander too.  Dwayne just does it because he can.

That’s all for this weeks column, thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed the column and the show.