To understand the actual point of this column I was on twitter and got talking about the wrestling cycle and how wrestling has its boom and downfall periods. Then it got me thinking about true legends and decided to show the appreciation I have for them.  Okay so here we go.

WWE Raw rating got 2.7 and TNA getting 0.9 for this weeks shows. Some say it’s worrying for the industry but in my opinion, it’s just a bad spoke on the wheel of the wrestling cycle. If there is one thing wrestling history thought us is that there is ALWAYS a bad period and a boom period in pro wrestling. 30s, 80s, 90s all boom periods. Wrestling will always be like that. It’s one of the oldest sports known to us. We’re waiting on that next wrestler to grab the industry by the roots and blow us away with it. There was Gotch, George, Andre, Hogan, Austin, not so much Cena but you get my point. Could the next be CM Punk? Who knows, he seems to be getting better and better and more and more interesting. At least to me he is.

You know what pisses me off? Legends like Frank Gotch and Lou Thesz not getting recognition while somebody like Hulk Hogan does. That’s fucking wrong. Same with Gorgeous George and more. Instead this fucked up, yellow haired, selfish dumbass who knows two wrestling moves gets all the credit for wrestling being popular today. At least with John Cena getting recognition he can wrestle. For proof re-watch his match with Punk at MITB 2011. AND he carried the Rock at Wrestlemania. Cena, unlike Hogan can wrestle.

I’d LOVE to have a chat with Hulk Hogan and give him a piece of my mind. Dude probably doesn’t know who Gotch is. He probably thinks Gotch is an app for his phone or something ridiculous like that.

Frank Gotch and Lou Thesz need to be known. The best catch wrestler and hooker in the history of professional wrestling. That’s why I’m writing this column. Whether 200 people or 10,000 people read this it doesn’t matter, at least some of you will know about the true legends of wrestling.

Wanna know who Frank Gotch was? He revolutionized professional wrestling in the United States of America. Gotch was the very first American to win the world heavyweight free-style championship by defeating Georg Hackenschmidt in Chicago, Illinois. He held the belt for seven years and was one of the most recognized athletes at the time. He wrestled in the rough and tumble mining camps of Alaska, and in front of 31,000 fans in Chicago. He rubbed shoulders with some of the most interesting figures in early American history. Gotch died at the young age of 39 on December 16, 1917. He may not get the respect he deserves on wrestling shows/promotions but he has the respect of us here at Wrestling Rambles.

Lou Thesz, like Gotch, is one of wrestling’s living legends. Thesz started wrestling in the 1930s, and from the 1930s to the 1960s, he was one of the most dominant figures in the business. Thesz won his first World Heavyweight Title in the 1930s, and went on to become a 6-time World Heavyweight Champion, many of those reigns as the National Wrestling Alliance world champion. Thesz’ last reign was in the 1960s when he lost the NWA world title to Gene Kiniski. Thesz’ last match was in the early 1990s when he lost via submission to one of his protoges, Masahiro Chono. Thesz has also written an autobiography. Thesz gets more recognition than Gotch but still not enough.

The fact of the matter is, these two guys are so important to wrestling and they’re a huge reason why we’re watching it now. I have nothing personal against Hulk Hogan, it’s just that it pisses me off that he’s known as the man who globalized wrestling and shit. Like ask random people on the street to name a WRESTLER and the majority of them will say Hulk Hogan. That makes me sick to my stomach. I want to vomit.  Hulk Hogan cannot wrestle, he is not a wrestler. I bet if you asked him what catch wrestling is or hook wrestling he wouldn’t have a clue. He goes on about how he knows so much about the business and all this shit it’s just so infuriating. On TNA this week Dixie mentioned how much Hogan knows about the business, it just set me off hating him even more. This is why true wrestling legends like Gotch and Thesz need to be recognized, known and talked about as they deserve it. They are the very reason wrestling is watched around America today. If Gotch never won that world heavyweight title, who knows if pro wrestling would be even watched in America today.

Do you call ”this” a wrestler?

Let me know your thoughts guys and thanks for reading. I also want to thank many of you on twitter who RT’d and tweeted me while I was rambling and ranting on Hogan and praising and giving recognition to true legends. Not that I dislike twitter feedback, it’s just much easier for me to do all the rambling below in the comment box. I prefer to not have limited characters when talking about wrestling. So thanks again and let me know.