Welcome to another edition of A RAW Opinion, I’m Joe and as always I will take you through another week of WWE Raw, WWE has announced earlier that kicking off the show, Michael Cole will be doing a face to face interview with John Cena.

This week starts off with another Big Show video, showing the video of him destroying Brodus Clay, Kofi Kingston and R Truth and then Zack Ryder and Santino while the audio in the background is him talking about his heel turn.

We start off live with Michael Cole being introduced, he goes inside the ring and blames John Cena for what the Big Show has been doing, before introducing him, he’ll be interviewing Cena.  Not sure it was smart for him to talk crap about Cena right before the interview.  Michael Cole says everything Big Show has done could have been voided if Cena would have supported Big Show instead of trying to play comedian.  Cena starts off with a joke before getting to his point.  Cena said he may not have done anything that night, but he was about to get Laurinaitis fired, and that the new GM would have hired Show back, Cole called Cena an egomaniac, Laurinaitis tells Cena that since he let Big Show pick his own opponent last week, he’s going to let Cena pick his own opponent tonight, Cena picks Michael Cole.

Dolph Ziggler VS Sheamus coming up next.  Sheamus gets the win in a good match, they gave them some good time also, after the match Del Rio came out and attacked Sheamus from behind.  Del Rio after him and Ricardo beat on Sheamus a bit locked in the cross arm breaker.

Sin Cara making his return to Raw up next, his opponent is Hunico, didn’t we see this once before?  I can’t believe Hunico and Camacho still have jobs to be honest.  I’m really sick of his lighting effect, I wish they’d do away with it.  Sin Cara gets the win, pretty good match, I really don’t like his new finisher either, but at least he didn’t botch tonight.

Graphic that’s promoting RyBack in a match next.  Yawn, RyBerg gets another boring squash win tonight against a couple of jobbers.  Jobbers cut a terrible promo before the match.

CM Punk VS Kane in a rematch from SmackDown! up next.  Daniel Bryan comes out from the back after Punk makes his entrance, Bryan goes to the commentary table.  Bryan stands on top of the table and asks a few questions before yelling Yes!  Very good match, Daniel Bryan got involved which brought AJ down to the ring, Daniel yelled at her, Punk went after him, Punk rolled in the ring and Kane hit a choke slam for the win, afterward AJ went to check on AJ, Kane turned his attention to her, Daniel attacked Kane but Kane took him out, AJ looks at Kane and gave him and crazy looking smile, which sent Kane out of the ring looking confused, AJ then went back to check on Punk.

Kofi Kingston and R Truth coming out next, their opponents are Curt Hawkins and Tyler Reks, who got a jobber entrance during commercial.  Kofi and Truth get the win in a pretty god match.  I always thought Hawkins and Reks were underrated, I’m glad they’re getting some time on Raw, hopefully they’re used more.  And for the love of god, can we get Zack Ryder on Raw?

Cena VS Cole up next.  Cena comes out to the ring, John Laurinaitis comes out after Cena makes his entrance, and says he thought about it, he always over delivers for the people, and that his match with Cole will be a no DQ match, if Cena can beat Tensai right now. Tensai beat on Cena for a bit, Cena went outside the ring and Sakamoto delivered a few kicks, Cole was so annoying throughout the entire match, Cena was near the announce table and Michael Cole slapped him across the face, Lawler shoved Cole and they started jawing at each other.  Cena took advantage of Tensai missing a senton splash, Cena hit the 5 moves of doom and beat Tensai, Cena now gets Michael Cole in a no DQ match, which brought a smile to his face, Cole was almost begging not to do this.  Cole tried to run off but Cena chased him down and brought him back a couple of times.  Michael Cole got on a microphone and begged Cena not to do this, saying that he doesn’t have to do this and Cole has supported Cena his entire career.  Despite running him down at the beginning of the show, and slapping him in the face no more then 5 minutes ago, Cole wants to shake hands, Cole eventually gets angry and starts taking off his shirt, Cole found his balls and got in Cenas face, Cena strips Cole to his boxers and Cena toyed with Cole and grabbed a microphone, he told Cole to apologize to Lawler.  Cena wants Cole to apologize to Jim Ross for everything he’s said and done to him.  Cena said he needed some BBQ sauce, Lawler grabs some from under the table and Cena poured some of JR’s sauce on Coles body.  Cena grabbed a fire extinguisher and sprayed Cole, Cena was about to hit an Attitude Adjustment when Tensai slid inside and delivered this choke bomb, Michael Cole quickly jumped on Cena but only got a 2 count.  Cole starts slapping the back of Cenas head, Cole went to hit Cena with the fire extinguisher but Cena ducks and hits Cole with an Attitude Adjustment getting the win.

I thought this weeks show was alright, not too much to call home about, but pretty entertaining, I thought Cena/Cole was good, but not because of the wrestling, watching Cole embarrassed and scream how sorry he was to everyone he embarrassed in the past couple of years was great.

I thought the other matches on tonights show, aside from RyBerg were very good.

No Big Show tonight, Laurinaitis said he “gave him the night off” too much Tensai for me even if it was just the main event, I don’t like him at all.

Zack Ryder was not on Raw again tonight, I believe this is 7 weeks in a row, such a shame

Overall I give this show 2.5/5. I’ll give it a decent grade, I enjoyed half the show and I hated half the show.  I hope you enjoyed the column this week, I hope you enjoyed Raw, I’ll be back next week when WWE Raw is three hours long, with the return of Mr. McMahon.