Hello and welcome to the first edition of Ryan’s Round; which is a fancy gimmick given to a round of mailbag answers with yours truly. I didn’t really have anything of interest to write about because I need to catch up on everything WWE some day soon. Yes, unfortunately I have been slacking lately, but I promise it’s not my fault! Dad cancelled the Sky Sports package! *Sobs uncontrollably* Anyhow, I’ve been dying to do one of these mailbags since forever. I’m all for interacting with the Wrestling Rambles following and anyone with any interest whatsoever in the wrestling world.

So without any further delay here it is:

Will Randy Orton be fired by the end of the year? – @JW_Punk

I don’t believe so. Randy Orton is SmackDown’s biggest star and they will need him back to regain star power which it is currently lacking. The WWE switched Punk over to SmackDown for recent house shows; this is only because Orton’s not there to draw more seat tickets. That being said, there have been reports of several WWE stars and personnel calling for Orton’s demise in the company. My general feeling on Orton is that he will stay. If he breaks the wellness policy for a third time there is nothing stopping WWE from letting him go for a year and then resigning him as it states in the Wellness Policy.

How many matches more will Brock Lesnar have? #TeamLesnar – @Tyler_Kellar

A few more that’s for sure. Being contracted for 25-30+ more appearances we are sure to see him in some more matches. My feeling on Lesnar is that he’ll appear on Raw but won’t actually wrestle on many of them. As we know, Lesnar’s next ring appearance is set to be against Triple H at SummerSlam. I think Triple H will win that one but I also predict that we’ll see a return match. We could even see Lesnar go one on one with Triple H at Mania next year. You never really know with the WWE but we’ll see Lesnar in the ring at SummerSlam and definitely after it as well.

How long do you think CM Punk will retain the WWE Championship title? – @GrammarNazi82

Punk’s run in WWE is going really well. So well in fact that WWE have chosen to have Punk beat Daniel Bryan twice, including the triple threat match that also had the devil’s favourite demon Kane. I could definitely see Punk carrying the belt until SummerSlam but I have a sneaking suspicion that Daniel Bryan will win the title soon. Bryan’s popularity is rising, potentially taking over Punk’s popularity. I would definitely say Punk to remain champion until SummerSlam, after that it’s a waiting game for Bryan to win it.

When do you think Kharma will come back? – @MuckyMorris

Not soon enough unfortunately. It seems like the Diva division has been forgotten about. Yes, we are still getting matches on Raw but it seems like they are just used to fill the time. Literally no story building is going on with the Divas (other than AJ) so we are just seeing random matches being thrown up. However, with that being said, Kharma could be the tool that’s needed to fix the whole lot. Remember Extreme Rules last year where Kharma came out after the Laycool match and gave Michelle a departing gift? Well that could definitely be a factor in a Layla-Kharma feud. Or we could eventually be given the feud we want in the divas division – Beth Phoenix vs Kharma or else Natalya vs Kharma. Overall, I think Kharma could be seen within the next two months.

Who is the best current tag team in wrestling? – @stricklandjared

As a whole this is quite hard for me to answer because I don’t really watch much outside of WWE. I quite like the tag team of Tyson Kidd and Justin Gabriel. Tyson Kidd is probably one of the best technical and highflying wrestlers in the business at the moment and Justin Gabriel is a great highflyer too. I’ve always been a huge fan of Tyson and I love his work so I would probably go with them. I would say that the Briscoes in ROH are a great tag team too, great chemistry and totally bad ass.

Who would you like to see at the raw 1000? – @Jakerobbins9

MANY! My list is pretty endless for the Raw 1000th episode. WWE have the hard job of carefully showcasing the talent they had but also showcasing the current roster in good, healthy light. What I mean by that is WWE need to say, “Well here’s these legends that created countless memorable moments. But let’s not forget the current roster who will take us onwards and upwards.” My list includes: DX, Stone Cold, The Rock, Jericho (Attitude Era-like), Taker (returning as bad ass Taker would be HUGE), APA and then you need the current ones such as CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, Sheamus and Cena. I think Lesnar’s going to show up and do some damage to HBK to light the HHH-Lesnar feud.

Out of the current crop, which ‘indie darling’ do you think WWE will sign next? – @Lloyd_LED

There’s been talk of Sami Callihan being at Raw and SD takings behind the scenes talking with some WWE employees. So there’s a good chance we could see him. There’s also been talk of Briscoe Brothers being contacted. I’d be in favour of the Briscoe Brothers being contracted because they’re a great tag; something that WWE needs more of. WWE don’t have much in the way of tags with the only tags being Tyson Kidd and Justin Gabriel, the Usos, Kofi Kingston +1 and the Players or whatever Titus O’Neill and Darren Young are calling themselves. If WWE are serious about building the tags up we could expect the Briscoes to come in. In wrestling you never truly know.

Will Ryback ever fight a worthy opponent like Tensai or Brodus Clay or will the WWE keep giving him jobbbers every week? – @MusicQueen88

I can’t see WWE making Ryback challenge worthy opponents any time soon. They’re trying to build him up as a machine; one that lifts several people over his head. I think WWE will want Ryback to lift more and more people. 2, 3 maybe 4. It’s probably going to get impossible to lift that many but I think they may want him to lift 3 people before moving on to serious, worthy opponents.

Best beard in WWE history? I’m for Sandow personally! – @Helenrobinson82

Should have expected a hair related question from you considering you asked Derrick Bateman how often he waxes! Hahaha, brilliant. Best beard definitely goes to Daniel Bryan. #YESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYES

Will the beautiful AJ ever get back with goat face? – @lethal_weapon

I predict we’re going to see an AJ heel turn aligning herself with a conniving Goat Face. This whole crazy chicks routine has seemingly been in favor of CM Punk but I think at Money in the Bank or SummerSlam we could see AJ switch it up and go with goat face himself making Punk drop the title to Bryan in an attempt to make up for her “losing” his title at Mania. You never know with these crazy chicks.

Dave Batista for Raw GM? – @HelenRobinson82

Whilst he could make an interesting choice I don’t think it will happen. Dave has openly spoke about his love for WWE but not in these PG days. Therefore I’m not expecting him to show up any day soon. Plus, if he was to return I think it would be in a wrestling capacity which would be great because could you imagine a Batista-Ryback feud?! Would be great!

Are WWE right to wipe Benoit from history? – @Helenrobinson82

NO NO NO NO NO. Such an amazingly gifted wrestler that used to be one of the few wrestlers I genuinely marked out for. Sure the Rock was great, as was Stone Cold but Benoit was a pure wrestler. His bouts with Jericho were some of my favourites. Although the guy was “big” he was always seen as somewhat of an underdog because of his height. Ask anyone this question and you’ll get different answers each time but each time mine will be NO. Forever will I remember Benoit pulling and pulling to get Big Show out of the ring during the final moments of the Rumble and forever will I remember shouting at my screen as if I was front row of the crowd. Benoit done so much for WWE over the year and most people if not everyone can remember the WrestleMania 20 celebration with Eddie. Tears, ohhhh the tears! I could go on and on with some of my favourite memories of Benoit. But I’ll leave it at this;

 The Great Khali (although sort of accidental), Scott Hall and apparently Lex Luger have all killed someone yet these men continue to wrestle or be recognised on WWE tv or video games. Yes what happened in Benoit’s last days were ugly and horrific but to acknowledge the men mentioned above and to ignore someone like Benoit seems a bit unfair. I really do believe that killing is killing and if you ignore one, you ignore them all and the only reason they refuse to acknowledge Benoit now is because there was a much greater media presence in the case and you know Vince… He’s never one to surround himself with someone in negative media light… Oh wait, Charlie Sheen’s going to be on RAW. I guess it’s just Vince’s way of being an idiot. Vince makes the rules, didn’t you know?



That’s all for this week, I will definitely do some more mailbags in the future seeing as I had a ball doing this one. Also hope you enjoyed the match I put in there as an extra! Any chance to enjoy and share a Benoit match I will take advantage of. Also got pretty exciting news that I managed to score an interview with WWE’s own Derrick Bateman! Woohoo!

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