Welcome to another edition of A RAW Opinion, I’m Joe and as always I take you through WWE Raw.  We are at the final show before SummerSlam, and WWE has confirmed that tonight, CM Punk VS Big Show will start off the show, Shawn Michaels is also scheduled to be there as well as Brock Lesnar, Paul Heyman and Triple H.  What will happen tonight between Shawn, Lesnar and Triple H?  Find out at the top of the hour.

We’re starting off with CM Punk VS Big Show #1000.  Daniel Bryan interrupts and yells “No” all the way down to the ring, he starts yelling at Lawler and Cole that he deserves to be in the title match and not wrestling Kane at SummerSlam.  Daniel then slid inside the ring and attacked Punk, he locked in the No Lock (LeBell Lock) John Cena runs out to make the save, he clears the ring.  Punk gets up not looking too happy, AJ comes out next and says Daniel Bryan may have ruined this match, but tonight, he’s going to make up for it, later tonight, it is going to be Daniel Bryan and Big Show taking on John Cena and CM Punk in a tag team match.  I love AJ, thats all I cared about this whole segment.

JTG is talking to Kaitlyn backstage complaining that Raw is 3 hours and he can’t get a match, he said It’s crazy, AJ is walking past and stops, she tells JTG to get to the ring, she’s gonna find him an opponent.  His opponent is RyBerg!!  Who didn’t see this coming?  Thanks for comin, Jay.  RyBerg with the win.  Side note, I cannot believe RyBerg is this over…  I have lost a lot of faith in the WWE fans lol.

Roddy Piper is hosting Pipers Pit, the WWE Universe will get to decide who his guest will be, The Miz, Chris Jericho or Dolph Ziggler.

Heath Slater is in the ring, god help us all, I thought I didn’t have to see this guy anymore after the legends were done beating on him.  R Truth came out and is his opponent.  R Truth gets the win.  Primetime Players come out afterward and rush the ring, attacking Truth 2 on 1, Kofi isn’t at the arena tonight, Darren and Titus beat Truth down and started playing to the crowd.

Up next, is Botch Cara and his stupid lighting taking on Tensai.  Sin Cara wins in a pretty quick, bad match.  Tensai beats down Sakomoto afterward.

Pipers Pit is up next, the guest will be…  Chris Jericho.  Dolph Ziggler and Vickie Guerrero interrupt.  Ziggler and Jericho go back and forth and The Miz comes out to interrupt.  Miz says that he and Ziggler may not get along, but Dolph won MITB, Miz won the IC Title and Jericho has won nothing, Jericho ends up cleaning house of Dolph and Miz.  I would have rather just Ziggler and Jericho.

During the break AJ books a triple threat match between Dolph Ziggler, The Miz and Chris Jericho.  Great match!  Jericho had Ziggler beat but Vickie put Dolphs foot on the rope, Miz went at Jericho, but Jericho locks on the Walls of Jericho, Ziggler steals it as Ziggler hits a Zig Zag for the win on Jericho.

Kaitlyn teaming up with Divas Champion Layla to take on Eve Torres and Beth Phoenix.  We Want Ryder chants heard during the match, I agree!  Kaitlyn gets the pin on Beth Phoenix, match was longer then I thought it would be.  Still wasn’t good though.

Big Show and Daniel Bryan taking on CM Punk and John Cena up next.  Both teams not working well at all, Daniel tried doing everything himself, which caused Big Show to walk away and sit down outside the ring, CM Punk was going for a 5 Knuckle Shuffle and Cena tagged himself in, Punk walked off taking the title with him, Cena gets the pin on Daniel.  After the match, Punk hit Big Show with the title and offered a handshake to Cena, Cena didn’t shake his hand.

Damien Sandow coming to the ring next, his opponent is Christian.  Brodus Clay interferes in the match and limps toward the ring, Christian went for the roll up win, but Sandow kicked out, Sandow ended up getting the win and just stared out at Brodus Clay.

Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman come out next.  Triple H still hasn’t made it to the arena due to flight delays, Heyman starts talking about how Lesnar is going to destroy Triple H, Lesnar and Heyman say if Shawn Michaels wants to talk to Brock face to face he can come out and do it, but he says Shawn won’t do it because he’s afraid of Brock Lesnar.  Shawn goes to the ring as Heyman continues to run down not only Shawn, but Texas also.  Shawn gets in the ring and grabs a microphone, before Shawn can talk Triple H’s music hits and he walks out from the back to the ring.  Triple H signs the contract without saying a word, Brock looks like he’s about to fight but Heyman keeps yelling It’s just a contract signing.  Brock signs it and leaves the ring.  Very anti-climactic, I was expecting something, which in a way I didn’t mind, since it was a nice change for once, instead of having this contract signing end the same way they all do, with a huge brawl and a broken table.

There is a fight going on in the parking lot, Shawn Michaels is trying to drive off when Paul Heyman gets in his way, Shawn tells him to move the car, Brock drags Shawn from his car, the cameraman goes down and cuts off and all we hear is audio of Brock beating down Shawn.

We go back to the parking lot after commercial and a car is destroyed, Triple H rushes in and Shawn Michaels has been taken by Brock.  We come back to inside the arena and Shawn is up on Lesnars shoulders.  Brock dumps Shawn in the ring and goes in.  Lesnar delivers an F5 in the middle of the ring, Brock locks Shawn in the kimura, Triple H runs down and Heyman tells him to stop or Brock will break Shawns arm.  Triple H stops, Lesnar “breaks” Shawns arm and Triple H rushes in the ring and chases Brock off.  Paul Heyman looks scared and just keeps saying “Oh god you broke his arm”  Brock has a smirk on his face as Triple H is in the ring livid yelling at Brock they can do this now.

Overall, I enjoyed the show, there was quite a bit of wrestling on tonights show, I enjoyed the show a lot.  I thought they did a good job hyping SummerSlam this Sunday.  I’ll give the show a 3/5 this week, I think we know what happens with Lesnar and HHH Sunday though, I predict a Triple H burial of Lesnar.