Welcome to the second edition of “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Russo!” This week we’ll be continuing our angle which is going to culminate in the booking of the NWO. If you missed it, the first part of our scenario can be found here..

We left off at Survivor Series. Brodus Clay, who had turned heel three weeks prior by viciously attacking Vince McMahon and re-emerging as a monster heel, saw off Sheamus at Survivor Series. Vince booked a 2-1 no-DQ handicap match-up, but Wade Barrett (who Sheamus was supposed to be teaming with) was attacked meaning he was in no shape to compete. If Clay lost, he would be fired thanks to the stipulations imposed by McMahon. Clay kept his job thanks in no small part to Mr Money In The Bank Dolph Ziggler, who interfered and beat the living crap out of Sheamus, enabling Brodus to get the 1-2-3 over the World Heavyweight Champion.

Back to the story. The night after Survivor Series on Raw, Brodus comes out and says that he beat Sheamus all by himself, and that as much as the WWE Universe might hate him for it, he’s going to be on their screens for the foreseeable future. Ziggler comes out to interrupt him, saying that in case he hasn’t forgotten, he wouldn’t have beaten Sheamus and therefore wouldn’t have a job if it weren’t for him. He continues to say he didn’t cash in the previous night because he wanted to beat Sheamus when he was at his best. So, as a matter of courtesy, he announces that he’s using his contract for a match this Thursday on Smackdown. Later, we see AJ telling Sheamus that he isn’t fit to compete. However, given that the contract holder can have a match whenever they choose, if he can’t make the match on the date Ziggler’s specified he has to vacate the title (I’m adding this rule in for the hell of it). Sheamus says even on his worst day he wouldn’t lose to Ziggler. The match is on for Thursday, which would be a live special because I would not want spoilers leaking out via taping reports. Things are about to really kick off. Later on in a backstage segment, we see Brodus Clay backstage: “ I’d like to wish Dolph Ziggler luck in his title match on Thursday, but that he won’t need it: because I know that he will beat Sheamus.”

As much as I’d love to have the match on Raw, I really think if there’s title matches on free TV they should be brand exclusive. The WWE title on Raw and World Heavyweight Title on Smackdown, hence why it’s not happening on Raw. I’m not about to start booking this angle on Smackdown as well on a weekly basis, I don’t have THAT much free time!

So, match is on for Smackdown. At the top of the show, Booker T comes out at the GM. He announces that although the title match is on, he has banned Brodus Clay from the building so he cannot interfere in the match. So, we enter the main event. Dolph Ziggler v Sheamus for the World Heavyweight Title. As much as part of me would love to put Ziggler over clean, this is Sheamus, and I doubt that he will ever lose clean given his friendship with those in high places, not to mention that he’s being built as Super Cena mark two. However, I’m utilising that to help me get to where I want to go while keeping some semblance of reality. Anyway, even though Sheamus is obviously hurt, the match is relatively even, Ziggler has a slight advantage but it’s not enough to be decisive in the match up. The match needs a difference maker, when a 6’9 giant climbs over the guard rail to the ringside. Enter Kevin Nash. Ziggler sees Nash. Nash points at Sheamus. Not one to back down, Sheamus goes after Nash while Ziggler distracts the ref. Nash hits Sheamus with brass knuckles a few times and rolls him back in the ring. Ziggler covers to get the 1-2-3 and win the World Heavyweight Champion. Nash heads back into the crowd staring at Ziggler, with Ziggler staring at Nash. Ziggler nods at Nash, not smiling but more a look determination and agreement, before raising the title over his head, and over the laid out Sheamus. Show cuts to black.

At this point I assure you I am hearing your cries of horror. “Kevin Nash, do we really NEED Kevin Nash!?” I understand that response. I’m not the guys biggest fan, not by a longshot. However, if we are going to revive the NWO I’m of the opinion that it must have ties to the original faction. Otherwise it’s just beating the name with a dead stick to get some life out of something that’s been used up and worthless. To get the NWO back as an asset to the company it has to be done right. It has to be built and set up correctly. Whether this article is in the right direction is a matter for debate, but the fact that you’d need a well thought out build up to successfully revive the NWO is not.

At the next Raw, not a lot happens to be frank. I would keep Ziggler/Sheamus exclusive to Smackdown till TLC, where things are really about to pick up. All I’d have happen would be for Brodus to congratulate Ziggler, saying that he knows that Ziggler will have an extremely long, extremely successful reign as World Heavyweight Champion. During this time period on Raw, Brodus would have been having squash matches against various different people (not Ryback style, guys who actually are recognised: the Zach Ryders and such of this world), building him up as the monster heel which he should be.

Smackdown. At the end of the show Ziggler comes out celebrating his World Heavyweight Champion. He says that this is his second reign, and that he will do absolutely everything in his power to keep the title where it belongs, right on his waist. Sheamus comes out, saying that he demands his rematch for the TLC Pay-Per-View. Ziggler tries to refuse, but Booker T announces that Sheamus has the right to a title match, and given how Ziggler got his title match that the match is going ahead. Sheamus runs Ziggler off. The rematch between Ziggler and Sheamus is set up for the TLC pay per view.

This rounds up part two of our booking of the NWO. I hope you’ve enjoyed it thus far and you’re beginning to finally see where things are going to be going. Next week will be the conclusion of the series. We’ve got the TLC pay-per-view to go which is going to be unmissable, and the night after we’ll see the NWO back in action. We’ll also look at some ideas that we could use going forward, although we’re not going to be booking it as we have for the revival of the group. As for how it all comes together exactly? You’ll have to come back next week to see for yourself!


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