Hail the Villain

Cm Punk’s change from Face to Heel is finally complete and with that, the Anti-Hero of the WWE, is now the Villain… or is he? Beating up Lawler in a cage, walking out of a match, and Driving away with Paul Heyman, The Second City Savior was still cheered in his home town, and while that may seem natural, even bad guys get home town respect no matter what they do, it should also be noted that Punk said the The City fire that destroyed part of Chicago nearly a decade plus ago was the best thing to ever happen to the city, and he was still cheered, so Chicago turning on Punk is like Ric Flair not going through divorce (Trophy Earned : Topical Humor Joke). But with that all out of the way, it now comes back to one major factor… What is CM Punk?

To say Heel, it is almost automatic, he is demanding respect, and taking advantage of the weak, and causing chaos where he goes, his refusal to face Cena in the ring, and his constant verbal attacks on anyone in the ring. However whatever happen to the Anti-Hero, the voice of the voiceless… well to keep it simple and sweet The Rock happened. Yes While I am a fan of the Rock, it is hard to deny that after Wrestlemania 28, where I was with the Millions, (and Millions) of The People, rooting for him to kick Cena’s ass, and actually win on the biggest stage of them all… but to get a WWE title shot right off the back, at Royal Rumble. He makes 6 shows a year, if not LIVE VIA… Taped message, (You point out the stupidity in that statement all you want) but it is one to get a match against the Current company’s face, it is another to get a title shot for doing nothing recently with the company, I understand good publicity, and I respect what the Rock did, but he isn’t there everynight, busting his ass taking a beating each week to deserve a title. Punk had to do the Promo heard around the world, and threaten to leave the company to get his shot.

So now Rock shows up, one night, and get his wish granted by the magical vince fairy because The Rock was part of the last good era of WWE, what many call the Attitude era, well Vince wouldn’t have to rely so hard on the past if his product didn’t revolve around his political views. No It is time to stand up for this generations great talent, The Talent like CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, and Kofi Kingston. But unfortunately we don’t see that Respect, The fans, like the sheep they are, constantly follow the past and never learn from the future, that is why we still have the likes of Hulk Hogan still around, and his style of wrestling, yes believe it or not, his style is still there poisoning the wwe. His poison is in the form of John Felix Anthony Cena.

Respect is a word not used for todays product, The talent used today is constantly belittled and treated unfairly, A Great Champion Like Daniel Bryan, having Hug a Giant Red machine, AS CHOSEN BY THE VIEWERS! New Comers like Ryback having Goldberg chants, to Jack Swagger forcing himself to leave by being misused, from being Cole’s lackey, to being Ziggles back up, to being used for nothing, He is a Former Money in the Bank Champion, and Former world heavy weight Champion, and an All American American, should be treated with a bit more Respect, but the worst crime comes full circle…

The WWE Champion. CM Punk since Wrestlemania 28 The Champion, the Crown jewel of the WWE tower, was not in the main event. Summerslam, Money in the Bank, Extreme Rules, For fucks sakes, OVER THE LIMIT, The Main Event at Over the Limit was Cena Vs John Laurinaitis, who would not even be a thought if it wasn’t for the Promo heard around the world, Pay per view after Pay per view, retaining the WWE title, for around 300 Days. Passing The Rock, The UnderTaker, Kurt Angle, John Bradshaw Layfield, Respect is a key factor here, and The WWE is not Respecting Their Champion, so what you call a Heel, I call Heal! CM Punk is here to Heal the WWE! The Second City Savior is now the Savior of the WWE! He is here to get the Respect that the CHAMPION Deserves and SHOULD get!

It is time to Hail the Villain, it is Time to Root for the Champion, a well respected Leader of the people! The Leader WWE Needs! The Leader WWE Deserves! RESPECT! It is a two way street! and as seen, if CM Punk needs to bring the fight to the street, He will!

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