Hello everyone, welcome to another edition of A RAW Opinion, you all know the drill, I give you the results of WWE Raw live every week with my own little twist on things, giving my opinions along the way, this weeks show comes to us from Sacramento, California.  WWE has announced that John Cena will kick things off at the top of the hour, CM Punk took to Twitter and announced there would be a new shirt unveiled tonight.  Plus, Vince McMahon is back!  He is going to give a “State of the WWE” address.

We start the show off as advertised, with John Cena making his way to the ring.  He says taking a week off felt like a year, I was surprised there wasn’t an interruption, it was a pretty good segment I thought, Cena was telling Punk to cement his legacy against him at Hell In A Cell.  As Cena was leaving, RyBergs music hit and he came out to the ring apparently for a match.

RyBerg VS Epico and Primo in a handicap match, I love Rosa Mendes.  Oh yeah, RyBerg wins.  Yawn.

Brodus Clay is out next.  He was scheduled to face R-Truth (Why?)  but Truth said that tonight can’t happen because Lil Jimmy is going through “changes” and wants to dance.  Everyone starts dancing and Vince interrupts saying that up next is his State of the WWE address.

Vince is out next for the State of the WWE address, he says that we just saw two grown men and two ladies dancing with an imaginary child, he says we have big red monsters and goat faced vegans.  He says they have the best athletes, this brings out CM Punk, debuting a new shirt, I like it, almost looks comic book-like, fits his personality good.  CM Punk says that Vince knows he was talking about him even if he didn’t use his name.  Punk asks Vince if he respects him, Vince says that he respects that Punk has been champion for so long, Heyman tries to get Punk to calm down but Punk loses it and says that Vince better learn to respect him or Punk will blow a kiss to Vince again and this time never come back.  Punk ends up slapping Vince and walking up the ramp, Heyman looks scared as hell, Vince challenges Punk to a fight tonight, Punk accepts as Heyman tries to tell him not to.  I thought it was a good segment, I am tired of the weekly “respect me” stuff, but it was still a good promo.

Prime Time Players VS Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara.  Sin Cara with a Rey Mysterio-like mask again this week.  Sin Cara and Rey Mysterio win.  I couldn’t care less about ANY of the guys in this match.  They advance to the finals of the #1 Contenders Tag Team Title Tournament.

Wade Barrett VS Sheamus up next, as soon as the match started, The Big Show came out from the back and got a closer look at ringside.  Great match but was ruined by Tensai coming out and attacking Sheamus.  Tensai and Barrett both went to work on Sheamus, Tensai went to attack Sheamus as Barrett was holding him, Sheamus got loose and hit the Brogue Kick on Tensai, took Barrett out and Big Show got in the ring, he caught the Brogue Kick and threw Sheamus out of the ring.

Antonio Cesaro VS Tyson Kidd is next.  Cesaro wins, very entertaining match, I love Cesaro, I hope they keep building him up.

Dolph Ziggler & Alberto Del Rio VS Team Hell No coming up next.  Kane and Daniel win, pretty entertaining match, Kane and Daniel argued throughout the match again this week.

Larry King is introduced, apparently we’re going to have some interview show…  The Miz is his guest.  Miz says It’s his birthday and he wants Larry to lead the whole crowd to sing happy birthday, Larry says nobody cares about Miz’s birthday, Larry says he’s replacing Miz as his guest and brings out Kofi.  Miz trashed everyone and threatened Larry, Kofi attacked Miz.  Boring.

Zack Ryder and Santino Marella VS Rhodes Scholars up next.  Team Rhodes Scholars win, no surprise there.  I would just like to point out, Zack Ryder was not pinned!  Afterward, Heath Slater, Drew McIntyre and Jinder Mahal came out and attacked Santino and Ryder, yawn.

Eve Torres defends her divas title against Kaitlyn next.  Eve gets the win after making Kaitlyn tap out to an ankle lock type move, Eve refused to let go until Layla got in the ring.  Lasted longer then I thought it would.

Up next is CM Punk VS Vince McMahon, Punk attacked Vince from behind as he came to the ring, Vince started fighting back a bit but Punk kicked him in the back of the head, Punk took too much time with a GTS and Vince pushed Punk into the turnbuckle.  Vince was able to fight back and get the upper hand, Punk ran out of the ring and told Heyman to give him the title, Heyman was about to go up the ramp but Vince stopped him and hit Heyman, Vince grabbed the title and put it in the middle of the ring, Punk tried to get his title but Vince kept swinging the kendo stick, Punk grabbed one of his own and got in the ring, they traded shots with the kendo stick until Vince got the better of it, Punk begged off but Vince went at him and Punk hit a low blow, Punk beat Vince down with kendo sticks before picking him up for a GTS, Punk put Vince down and ran off as RyBerg hit the ring, Cena came out from behind and threw Punk in the ring, RyBerg hit his finisher.  CM Punk left the ring and ran off.  Vince grabbed a microphone and said It’s decision time, Vince says Punk either faces RyBerg or Cena at Hell In A Cell.

Overall, not a good show, way to many backstage stuff and not enough matches for me.  I didn’t think there was a segment tonight that really stood out great.  I give this show a 2/5 stars, and that’s mainly because the crowd was electric all night.  Very disappointing show tonight I thought.