Before WrestleMania 29, I wrote a column analyzing why we, as fans, will watch a drained out product each and every single week when we’re not always loving what is being produced for us. The column can be found at this link – . A loyal member of, Kip Smithers, more commonly known as ”Captain Smooth”, wrote a lengthy comment in response to my column. I recommend you read my column before reading on. 

The numbers are in response to my points; from my column. 

1. Fear of missing something: This makes a ton of sense. It’s not a big reason why I watch, but I do like watching the story unfold and potential “moments” to remember.

2. Anticipation: Not really big for me, but it does depend on the story. That’s when it drives me crazy.

3. The kid inside me: This is a pretty big one for me. I, like most kids, are not hyper-cynical. It’s not in my personality. Nothing wrong with a bit of nonsensical fun.

4. Following a certain wrestler: I do have my favorites, like most people, but it’s the level that I believe has gone up in most wrestling fans. I’ve posted many times the saying “change in fans>change in booking” and that’s the change I’m talking about.

This brings me to a bit of a tangent: I think with the customization of more and more of our entertainment, we’ve gotten used to getting EXACTLY want we want. And when what we want doesn’t happen, many throw a shit fit(superherohype’s wrestling thread is filled with bitterness). It’s that “playlist mentality” where we demand the exact show we want. The exact wrestlers, stips, build up, booking, moveset, counters, finish, etc. must fit our preferences. In fact, I’m going to say a fairly bold statement that I’ve been thinking is more and more true: A growing number of people who say they are wrestling fans are not wrestling fans at all, but fans of certain wrestlers, companies, storylines, booking. etc. Wrestling is a type of entertainment, just like music, but you don’t hear people say they like music in and of itself. They say they like certain styles(think wrestling companies) like country, rap, motown, R&B, folk, jazz, etc.; or certain bands or groups(think stables or teams) like The Stones, Beatles, Metallica, U2, etc.; or certain singers(think wrestlers) like Marvin Gaye, Elvis, Michael Jackson, Adele, Springsteen, etc.; or certain albums/CDs(think storylines) like The White Album, Hysteria, Thriller, American Idiot, etc.; or certain songs(think matches or promos) like Respect, Let’s Get it On, When Doves Cry, Single Ladies, etc.; or(last one, promise) certain tracks(think stips) like radio cut, album cut, dance remix, acoustic guitar, etc. More and more people are fans of specifics, not pro wrestling in and of itself. It’s time we acknowledge it.

Wow! Anybody got some water to splash my face? I’m beat!

The biggest reason I watch wrestling? I love the journey. It’s fun to see a guy or girl go from being an Indy talent to being signed by a major company>winding up on NXT>getting called up>playing around with gimmicks>showing something in matches or personality wise to get noticed>getting that first title>becoming a steady hand>hanging with the top guys>winning a match with a top guy>getting over in a big way>winning a big title or special match>being in a top storyline consistantly>becoming “the guy”>building a HOF resume>putting others over>getting the love as they retire>becoming an on-screen personality>finally getting the HOF nod and getting inducted. I used WWE as my example due to their stamp on the business. Wrestling has given me many of these journeys and the least I can do is watch, so wrestling can be around to show me even more journeys(speaking of rockbands).


Thanks to Kip for the interesting column. I’m sure he would love to read your thoughts on his points and he will reply to you in the comments sections.


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