Hi guys. I’m back with a review of WWE Money in the Bank which took place on Sunday in Philadelphia. The match rating system will be out of 5. 1 = a poor match, 2 = a decent match, 3 = a good match, 4 = a very good match, 5 = a great match. It’s as simple as that. There will be no retarded .5 ratings here. Ok then, let’s get started.

Pre-Show: Roman Reigns & Seth Rollins(c) v The Usos for the WWE Tag Team Championship

Jey goes for a few quick pin attempts on Rollins to start the match. Rollins makes a tag to Reigns. The Usos then hit a series of tag team moves on Reigns. Jey goes for the superkick on Reigns but he is saved by Rollins as they go to commercial. The Usos are still in control when they comeback from commercial but that soon changes as the Shield soon isolate Jey. The Shield work on Jey for a good 10 minutes before he makes the hot tag to Jimmy. He gets a near fall on Rollins after he hits the Samoan Drop. Rollins gets a near fall after a great tower of doom spot. Rollins gets hit with the superkick and the frog splash but the count is broken up by Reigns just in time. Reigns takes out Jey with the superman punch. Rollins then powerbombs Jimmy into the turnbuckle followed by a spear by Reigns who picks up the win. This is probably the best pre-show match there has been since WWE started doing this before every PPV.

Winners and still the WWE Tag Team Champions: Roman Reigns & Seth Rollins.

Match Rating: 4 out of 5.

Money in the Bank ladder match for the World Heavyweight Championship contract

We start the main show off with the lesser of the two Money in the Bank matches. Cesaro and Swagger dominate early on by using the ladder as a weapon. Fandango makes the first real attempt to climb the ladder but is stopped by Sandow. Sandow then hits Fandango with a suplex onto a ladder. Barrett starts to clear house by using a rung off one of ladders. Barrett climbs the ladder but is pulled off by Swagger into a sweet European uppercut by Cesaro. Rhodes then hits Cesaro with a brain buster onto a ladder. Swagger and Barrett are on top of the ladder and Barrett hits him with the bullpen hammer and Fandango comes along and does a sunset flip into a powerbomb on Barrett. Eventually Ambrose and Rhodes are on the ladder and Rhodes pushes Ambrose. This results in the Shield coming out. They stop Rhodes from winning. Rollins hits Barrett with an enzuigiri and Reigns spears Fandango. The Usos then come out and attack the Shield. This leads to a mass brawl outside the ring. In the ring Ambrose is climbing the ladder but the ladder is pushed over by Rhodes and Ambrose falls to the outside taking everyone out. It looks like Rhodes is going to win but Sandow comes from behind and pushes Rhodes off and unhooks the briefcase to win. I’m delight that Sandow has won and it looks like we could a Sandow/Rhodes feud in the near future.

Winner: Damien Sandow.

Match Rating: 3 out of 5.

Curtis Axel(c) v The Miz for the Intercontinental Championship

Both men exchange moves early on. They both end up on the outside. Miz hits Axel with an axe handle and puts Axel back into the ring. Miz comes face to face with Paul Heyman. While the referee’s back is turned, Miz slaps his hands together and falls to the floor. The referee turns round and thinks Heyman hit The Miz and sends Heyman to the back. Axel takes control of the match by hitting Miz with a back suplex. Miz eventually makes his comeback and hits a series of moves on Axel. Miz goes for the Skull Crushing Finale but Axel counters. Axel goes for the Perfect Plex but Miz counters. Miz goes for the figure four but Axel counters by kicking him into the ring post and then hits the Perfect Plex for a near fall. Miz eventually gets the figure four locked in (he does the worst figure four ever). After struggling for a while, Axel makes it to the ropes. Miz goes for the figure four once again but Axel kicks him in the face and hits a face plant for the win. This should be the end of this feud and The Miz’s love affair with the Intercontinental title.

Winner and still Intercontinental Champion: Curtis Axel

Match Rating: 2 out of 5.

AJ(c) v Kaitlyn for the Divas Championship

Kaitlyn dominated early on but AJ takes control by pushing Kaitlyn into the ring post repeatedly. AJ works the arm and shoulder for most of the match. Kaitlyn makes her comeback by hitting AJ with a backbreaker. Kaitlyn hits AJ with a reverse DDT for a near fall. AJ gets a near fall with a small package. Kaitlyn then spears AJ but cannot cover her due to the bad arm. AJ then locks in the Black Widow and Kaitlyn has no choice but to tap out.

Winner and still Divas Champion: AJ.

Match Rating: 2 out of 5.

Chris Jericho v Ryback

Ryback overpowers Jericho early on. Jericho hits a few chops on Ryback causing him to leave the ring. Ryback takes his time to get back into the ring. He takes too long and Jericho hits him with a baseball. Ryback makes it back into the ring and Jericho hits a crossbody for a near fall. Jericho then hits Ryback with a few more chops before Ryback kills him with a clothesline and gets a near fall. Jericho hits Ryback on the leg a few times and Ryback tries to leave the ring but Jericho stops him. Ryback takes control by bouncing Jericho’s throat off the ropes. Jericho makes his comeback by hitting a suplex. Both men exchange moves. Ryback goes for the shellshock but Jericho counters. Jericho goes for the codebreaker but Ryback counters. Ryback gets a near fall with a powerbomb and Jericho gets a near fall with an enzuigiri. Jericho hits Ryback with the codebreaker but he falls out of the ring and he just makes it back in before the count of 10. Jericho goes for the lionsault but misses and oh my fucking God Ryback rolls him up for the win and wins a PPV match. I can’t believe Ryback had a good match maybe Jericho really is the best in the world at what he does.

Winner: Ryback.

Match Rating: 3 out of 5.

 Alberto Del Rio(c) v Dolph Ziggler for the World Heavyweight Championship

Both men exchange moves early on with the highlight being a beautiful dropkick by Ziggler. Ziggler then hits a series of elbows and then throws ADR out of the ring. Ziggler goes out to get him but ADR hits him with an enzuigiri and throws him into the barricade. ADR takes control when Ziggler misses an attempted splash in the corner. ADR works the head and neck area. ADR then goes to the top rope but Ziggler follows him up and hits the x-factor from the top for a near fall. Ziggler is now back in the match and gets a few more near falls. ADR hits a backbreaker for a near fall of his own. ADR goes to the top rope and comes off but gets dropkicked by Ziggler for a 2 count. Then out comes AJ. Ziggler say he’s got this and tells her to get out of here (which she completely ignores). Ziggler then goes to the top rope but ADR follows him up and hits him with a suplex type move for a long 2 count. ADR then hits the superkick for another near fall. ADR then goes for another superkick but Ziggler catches his foot and spins him around and AJ hits ADR with the Divas title and gets Ziggler disqualified. Ziggler shouts at AJ after the match and leaves her alone in the ring. This was a very good match and I’m hoping they have a rematch at SummerSlam.

Winner and still World Heavyweight Champion: Alberto Del Rio

Match Rating: 4 out of 5.

John Cena(c) v Mark Henry for the WWE Championship

Surprisingly, John Cena does not close out a PPV for once. Henry dominates from the start, overpowering Cena. Henry hits Cena with a front suplex onto the steel steps for a near fall. Henry gets another near fall after crushing Cena’s head against the ring ropes. Cena then does a shit dropkick on Henry and then Henry clotheslines him. Henry continues to dominate after Cena tries to lift him and falls on him. Cena makes his comeback after hitting 4 out of his 5 moves of doom. Cena goes for the AA but Henry is too heavy (you think he would have learnt that from Raw). A few moves later Cena does manage to hit Henry with the AA but he kicks out. Cena goes to the top rope and jumps off and gets caught by Henry who hits the world strongest slam but Cena kicks out. Henry goes out of the ring and gets a steel chair. The referee takes the chair from Henry who then rips off the turnbuckle cover. Henry tries to put Cena into the exposed turnbuckle but Cena counters and puts Henry into the exposed turnbuckle and puts him in the STF but Henry gets to the ropes. Henry hits Cena with a low blow when the referee’s back is turned but Cena kicks out. Henry goes for the world strongest slam again but Cena counters and puts Henry in the STF and Henry taps out.

Winner and still WWE Champion: John Cena

Match Rating: 2 out of 5.

Money in the Bank ladder match for the WWE Championship contract

RVD looks to be happy in a real arena again and not the shitty Impact Zone (or maybe he’s high). Orton, Sheamus, Christian, Punk, RVD and Bryan stand in the middle of the ring staring up at the briefcase. Then Orton, Sheamus, Christian, Punk and Bryan all attack RVD and send him to the outside. Then Orton, Christian, Punk and Bryan all attack Sheamus and send him to the outside. Bryan goes after Orton and Punk goes after Christian. Eventually it’s just Punk and Bryan in the ring. They exchange moves before Sheamus takes them out with a ladder. RVD gets into the match and clears house. RVD looks better than he did in his last few months in TNA. Eventually Christian makes the first attempt to climb the ladder but is stopped by Sheamus. After a bit more battling, Bryan hits Sheamus with a brilliant running knee on the outside. Two ladders get set up in the ring and all six men are on them. The two ladders topple over and everyone is sent crashing to the mat. Sheamus is first to his feet and beats up everyone. Sheamus tries to climb the ladder but is stopped by Bryan. Sheamus knocks Bryan off and he grabs the briefcase but Punk moves the ladder and leaves Sheamus dangling and he then falls. Punk removes Sheamus from the match and then he and Orton go at it. Orton then T-bone suplexs Punk onto a ladder (ouch!). Christian then spears Orton. Christian and RVD are in the ring and RVD does the 5 star frog splash on Christian from the top of the ladder (double ouch!). RVD gets to the top of the ladder and gets knocked down by Sheamus. Bryan re-enters the match and kick Sheamus and RVD repeatedly and does a crazy suicide dive on Punk onto ladders set up the outside (triple ouch!). Bryan then takes out RVD and Orton with a ladder and then knocks Sheamus off the top rope through a ladder positioned outside (quadruple ouch!). Bryan climbs the ladder but out comes Curtis Axel and hits him with a chair and takes him out of the match. Axel walks towards Punk and Punk hits him with the GTS. Heyman comes out and shouts at Axel not to mess with Punk saying that he’s his best friend. Punk gets in the ring and starts climbing the ladder and Heyman shouts support from the outside. Heyman then gets in the ring and hits Punk with a ladder that was set up costing him the match (called it). RVD climbs the ladder but Orton appears and hits him with a brilliant RKO and climbs the ladder and wins. What a great match.

Winner: Randy Orton.

Match Rating: 5 out of 5.

Overall, I thought the PPV was very good. I recommend you check out the two MITB ladder matches, Ryback v Chris Jericho, the tag team title match and ADR v Dolph Ziggler if you haven’t already. Please leave your comments below and I’ll be back on Saturday with a review of Smackdown. You can follow me on twitter @JohnnyWhyte93 and the site @WrestlinRambles.